Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I'm super tired! Surprise surprise! So i'm gonna make this all pics and call it good. I just woke up from a little power nap so I'm still waking up! It's been amazing being home! I can't get over how perfect little Capri is and how much love I have for her. Also, it's great to feel like I have my body back more and more every day (physically and emotionally) and I'm trying to take one day at a time! Having my mom here has been best (for my emotions and she physically helps a lot, too.) I was one of those mom's that was crying this morning when Capri had her heel pricked and was screaming (a deathly scream) at the hospital for her jaundice check. who knew these motherly emotions were so strong?! 
Also, Chase has been really helpful even with being back in school. I try to do the nights myself, but I know I have back-up for this next week if I want it- and my mom helped some last night- I felt like a new person when I woke up and had 2 three-hour stretches of sleep. Just by my mom watching her between feedings twice- i slept more soundly bc I wasn't worried by every stir or sound. grazzi mamma mia. 
Capri really is a perfect baby and my emotions can peak just bc the hormones, lack of sleep, and responsibility hit me all at once. We are becoming a squeaky-oiled machine and soon we will be a well-oiled machine! I'm just soaking it all up and treasuring all these overwhelming, but amazing feelings! So for now- just some pics with captions!

This is my baby. Happiness.

My grandparents came in town today for a few hours to meet their new great-granddaughter. It was super sweet of them and great to see them fall in love with Capri.

Daddy Chase loves overalls. So his perfect combination.

Her first sponge bath at home. She loved it. Idk if we got all the shampoo out bc her hair looks a little different today. We'll get better.
She looks so small in this pic.

stylin' hair after bath time

bundle of joy.

watching the byu-ute game. the loss didn't sting too bad bc I was holding Capri as the clock ran out.

sleepy baby. we call my neice the aubrito when she sleeps all velcroed tight like this. we shall name her the caprito!

morning feeding and snuggles before the rest of the world was awake.

my cousin megan made this hat and it looks awesome on her.

just takin in the world and exploring her new life.
i love it when her eyes are open and alert. esp when she studies my face!

the sleepin' crew

it's crazy how much my stomach went down after 2.5 days

We had tons of visitors at the hospital and at home! So much love!
Here is Capri's cousin! Chantelle is exactly one week older to the day! Little besties already. Close and cuddly!

They even stretch together. and Chase always was wondering who could win in a fight when they were in the womb- i'd say Capri has the upper hand!

i love her little smiles. even if it does mean she's passing gas at that moment.

kelly's daryn and capri bonding. some babies were more well-fed than others and didn't think photography was a priority!
it's so fun having a newborn with my bestie. 

my mom had this little gem waiting at home for us. Capri sun!! 
Thanks mom!
 grandma time. a good time.

happy mommy.

auntie lauryn and uncle dallin! thanks for the visit!! 
p.s. if anyone else has photos when they visited and i forgot to snap 'em- let me know. i'm gonna print pics for her baby book soon :)

her coming home outfit :) and her proud parents

Monday, September 23, 2013

Capri's Birth Story

I am so in love with our daughter. She is the most incredible blessing and I feel like I know her spirit and soul and have forever!! Chase and I are overwhelmed every day with the privilege to be her parents. Let me tell you about the best day of my life! I can officially say it was the happiest day of my life! Such joy!

So at 4 o'clock, Chase and I met up with Taryn and Taylor at Chick-fil-a for my last supper! It was delicious and gave me the nutrients I needed! Haha! I actually wasn't hungry throughout my labor- just thirstier than a dried up cactus!
Anyways- we pulled into the hospital for my induction at 5 o'clock. It was surreal knowing that this was it. When we were walking up to the counter, I saw a woman being wheeled out with her baby being pushed behind her in the glass case- I envied her! Her labor was over!
They hooked me up to the machines and did paperwork for the first 1.5 hours. The nurse told me I was having contractions already every 5 minutes. Apparently I had been in labor every five minutes for a week. Those cramps were contractions. Well by 6:00, they had increased to every 3 minutes and painful. Ope.... looks like I woulda been pulling into the hospital that night to give birth with or without my scheduled induction (thank you, full moon). They decided to still give me the pittosin to speed it along. Once that hit- all hell broke loose. The contractions became a minute apart and I was in P-A-I-N! I had no idea how to breathe.
After three contractions, I figured it out.
Let me give you my explanation of a contraction: someone is a knocking the wind out of you with a soccer ball over and over again for 1.5 minutes. And they tell you- just breathe! breathe! easier said than done! I got through them by Chase holding me up and me leaning into this chest as we sorta danced/swayed and he hummed for me to breathe in, breathe out. They asked me by 7 (just half an hour into my pittosin) if I wanted my epidural. I could have it already? I called my sister to get her nurse advice and make sure I wasn't heading into c-section city. She reassured me that I should get it and with the pittossin, progress should continue with or without the epidural. So I cried tears of joy (this time) and asked them for my epidural. I only had bad contractions for an hour- how do/did women do natural labor for 18 hour labors? Respect!
The epidural doctor came in and I laid on my side in the fetal position and he prepared me for the pain of an epidural..... ope...... getting the iv was worse than the epidural. the epidural felt like a normal shot. the numbing bee sting came and after that- i felt nothing but relief! those scary stories of the pain of an epidural- not the case for me! what a blessing! it took about an hour to really kick in, and once they put the catheter in me (and emptied my bladder)- i literally felt no contractions. i was an ideal patient they say bc i could lift my legs and feel all i needed to without any of the pain! then i progressed from a 2 to a 7 within 1.5 hours and they thought I might be a crazy first time mom who delivered in 5 hours!
They broke my water at 9 pm and the nurse announced "WOAH! this baby has a lot of hair!" and I teared up then from joy and the surrealness of the situation!
My mom's flight was delayed but she came in and got to the hospital around 11:30. Julie got there around 10. It was a full house! I didn't get much sleep (that prolly wasn't the smartest) but I was a chatter box and just excited to see my mom, mom-in-law, talk about texas, and over analyze everything about little Capri! I slept off and on 2 hours throughout the 13 hour delivery.
Anywho- I sat at a 7 dilation for 4 hours. Then I was at an 8. Then I went from an 8 to a 10 within 10 minutes (bc the nurse checked me, left to get something, came back and I was at a 10.) Then I sat at a 10 for 3.5 hours as they let me "rest and descend." The baby was low but not low enough- instead of pushing for 3 hours, we should just let my contractions (that i wasn't feeling at this point!) naturally push her down. Those 9 hours of waiting were quite heaven. I was literally praying in my heart every 5 seconds with gratitude for the amazing epidural!

By 5:15 am, I was ready to push (she still wasn't as low as some babies can be, but they wanted me to start pushing!) I was excited! The pressure was strong, but no pain. They told me to not push the epidural button anymore so the pain of labor could motivate me to push harder and be done faster. It was killer! I'm sure I was still feeling only 10% of the pain or less compared to natural labor, but still. The contractions were coming, the bones were grinding, and pushing for 30 seconds every contraction (10 second increments) caused me to feel like I was going to pass out. The nurses thought it was interesting that with her head down there and the contractions and all that- I still was almost napping in between contractions (mainly bc I was so light headed that i was more passing out.) I tried to focus but the lack of air was causing me to feel loopy! I tried my hardest to focus though and push really really hard! The first hour of pushing was pretty useless and I told them to take the mirror away- it was just depressing me that I was still just seeing a quarter size of her hair and not much more with every push and contraction. I preferred silence, but everyone else was pretty stoked and talking a lot. Time was passing so slow to me and I was on the verge of giving up with every other contraction! I wanted to cry so bad and say "I give up!" but I didn't actually verbalize it bc deep down I wanted to have this baby vaginally! My mother was holding one leg, Chase the other, and my mother in law with the camera. Thank goodness for their unconditional support and love. Time didn't pass as slow for them, but they were so attentive and helping me any way they could- considering! This was my mom's first birth and I was so happy she could fly in and be there.
Anywho, I was so happy to see the doctor after an hour of frustrating pushing and she really helped things progress. I'll leave the details out of how exactly she did that. After 20 minutes of pushing and adjusting, she realized that the baby was posterior and with two contractions she turned the baby's head. That was the most painful part of the whole delivery- her turning the baby's head. But once she did that- it was 3-4 contractions and the baby was able to make it out! Capri came out with one push from head to toe and then the doctor just pulled the placenta! I didn't realize this was THE push bc they told me they'd tell me when she was crowning- it all went to quickly that little did i know- I was pushing and they're shouting "there's the head!" and the pain was intense and it was funny to feel her little shoulders, hips, and legs clatter with my hip bones as they pulled her out! Then the most amazing moment of my life happened- I DID IT! THE PAIN WAS OVER! SHE WAS HERE!!! and I could truly feel and say "it was all worth it!"
(I have this really cool picture of her body half way out, but that's just for me and Chase to stare out in awe and miraculous wonder! that was the most amazing moment of our lives!) 
Capri pooped when the doctor turned her head so there were 8 NICU nurses in their ready to check her out. The room was all hustle and bustle of lots of people! So the doctor quickly cut the chord and Capri was whisked away. It was one of the most spiritual moments of my life!! The love and spirit of that little girl was abundant!! My mom was crying, I was crying, Chase was crying, and 
I need to ask Julie if she was crying (but knowing my mother-in-law I'm sure she was!!! p.s. she (and dave) had a flight to new zealand to catch right away that day!! so i haven't had the chance to really get her viewpoint and thoughts on the birth)!
and apparently my father-in-law dave was outside the door hearing me screaming/grunting during the last half hour! he had limited time with his new little granddaughter, too! the family support little capri has is so lovely.
Right after she was born, Chase was next to me, worrying, and asking me over and over again if I was okay- what could he do?- I yelled- "Get over to the baby! I'm fine! Go be with her- I would if i could! Go be with her for us!" (he was so happy to hear me say that! he was such a good husband the whole labor! i couldn't have asked for more support, love, and attention! and he was worried about me but was so happy to have the green light to go be with the baby!)
Capri didn't swallow any of the meconium and is/was perfectly healthy! It took a few minutes to get her checked out and all that- so the doc stitched me up (ope, felt every one of those stage 2 tearing stitches) and recovery has been quite the experience. but anyways, i was so anxious to have skin to skin and hold my baby!!!
they let me hold her like this until i was done getting stitched. mid stitches in this pic! and sweating like an attractive wild boar!
that moment they let me have water! that was another slice of heaven! 
 really getting to hold her, study her, and give her kisses!!! that moment of holding her- that was a moment i will never forget! She is our whole life now and I am so grateful that i could give birth vaginally and we both are so healthy and recovering amazingly from the traumatic experience of all experiences!! I love her so much and so does her happy happy daddy!!

And this last picture is two hours later. After her first bath and all cleaned up like the perfect baby she is!!! And so a picture of Capri at one day old and a picture of me at one day old!! She is definitely my daughter with the perfect splash of Chase! I can't wait to see how her looks change and how her beauty will grow!
More pictures to come on another post explaining the next couple days of heaven! 

Welcome to the world, Baby Capri Michele Anderson! Born Friday 9/20/13 6:49 AM. 8 lbs 12 oz. 20 inches!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

26 hours!

In 26 hours, I will be checking into the hospital and will be getting induced!!! I'm guessing that means baby girl will be born early Friday morning!
I changed my doctor's appointment from Thursday to Tuesday just because- I wanted to. And it's a good thing! She woulda ask to induce me tomorrow night (which woulda been that night of the morning appointment) regardless but now I had more days to prepare, my mom could change her flight, and I could feel more in control- classic!
The doc is going out of town for a week for a Conference and doesn't want me to get to 42 weeks so looks like baby girl will be born on her actual due date!!! Oh I'm so excited! SO SO SO EXCITED!! I'm sure tomorrow I'll have some hyperventilating moments but we're having a morning at the temple so that will help! I cannot believe it's tomorrow and we are so blessed!!
We've been keeping busy. Dinner and intramural sports with the AndersEns yesterday. Lunch with the Koskis today. Risk with the Echols tonight after Survivor Premier. School. Cleaning. Work. Homework. Etc. Etc! It's gonna be here before you know it- for real this time! Birthing story for you next post! Holla!!!!
If you want to be on the mass text for the labor updates- let me know- I am known for TMI and it will be in the middle of the night- so remember that!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

4 days!

My due date is in 4 days! And I'm going to the doctor tomorrow so maybe she will see discover some serious dilation down there! I can't believe this week is my due date! and regardless- this baby will be here in 11 days or less! I'm feeling so blessed! and ready! I didn't think I'd feel ready until she was actually here and i looked into her eyes and fell in love with her- but i honestly feel that motherly readiness and love right now! hallelujah! i'm not scared about birth anymore- i welcome it!

I know this next pic is ginormous but I also welcome it because it will be a nice contrast for a post bod pic I hope to have in the future. Maybe wearing the same outfit- oh that just came to me and I think it's a good idea! done!
I hope this was my last Sunday prego- sitting on the pews has been rough the past couple weeks. first world problems- right tay? haha
I am just feeling super grateful and full of love! I just had a really good long spiritual convo with my girl amanda. i went on a mile walk with my friend jess before that. and now i'm blogging. life is good.
i've been a walking machine. it hurts like the dickens with these cramps and back cramps but i take one for the team. team baby girl. ever since thursday (previous blog post explains) i have been ready for labor. so i've done every wives' tale and doctor's recommendation to start labor!
saturday i went on a 2 mile walk with audrey. (chase refuses to let me walk alone bc he's convinced someone will attack me and c-section/ kidnap our baby out of me. we watch too many crime shows.)
yesterday i went on a 2.5 mile walk with taryn and taylor. (and then after the walk, from 9:30 pm to 12:30 am, chase and i were at our friend krista and tj's for games and a movie and i had contractions every 8 minutes the whole three hours. They never progressed or became too painful- so I tried to fall asleep at 12:30 and I did and I wasn't awoken with labor pains- so false alarm. false contractions. but it was still exciting!)
and then today i walked a mile with jess.
tomorrow, i will walk the farthest with becca (ps HAPPY BIRTHDAY becca)- she is a marathon trainer so she'll probably push me.
i whine towards mile 2 of these walks and want a car to take me home- but I push through it bc maybe the next step will cause my water to break!
let's all pray that little baby girl will want to come tonight! k thanks!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

the baby cousin

yesterday early in the morning, chad and kina welcomed their second beautiful baby girl into this world! kina won the race and i am eager to cross that finish line as well! they haven't decided on a name 100%. their charts just say christina (kina) and baby! they're leaning 98% towards Camille, but it isn't on the birth certificate yet. They're gonna know by Sunday- so they say! It's a big decision. I understand the pressure! But regardless of her name- she is perfect! I always told myself that once Kina has her baby, it will get REAL for me that mother nature is coming for me next! and i've been feeling the pressure. literally (more on that later).
i won't share all of kina's birth story- but the reader's digest version. she was induced, in labor for 7 hours, pushed once, was laughing (at how easy it was compared to char) and is recovering strongly! she will make me look like a pansy in comparison- but i'm happy she had such a good experience (esp since this is her last baby!) we're so grateful that little baby cousin is healthier than healthy and now a part of our fam!
 7 lbs 6 oz of perfection!
 she def has the anderson brow and looks so much like charlotte!
 she's had a hard day! you and me both, sister!
lots of newborns have difficulty controlling their nerves and are kind of fidgety.
but not this little one.
awake or asleep, she was totally still and peaceful. it helped me feel more calm and peaceful, too!
newborns to 3 months of age really make me nervous.
 it's weird to imagine that their is a mature, legit baby like her inside of me right now!

on thursday, they stripped my membranes and declared i was at a 2. the stripping wasn't too bad. but the aftermath ever since has been brutal. i was crampy thursday (but it wasn't too much to run home about- i was actually kind of excited about it bc i hadn't felt much contracting or cramping my whole pregnancy).... however, starting yesterday, it escalated into something seriously horrible and my mind is a black hole of depression! intense period cramps with no relief. last night was a horrible night of sleep and i seriously am feeling hopeless. it's a bad attitude and i'm working on it. maybe i'm close to labor or it could mean i'm welcoming my new life for the next two weeks (till my 41 week late induced day september 27). 13 days. 13 days. it can't go on longer than 13 days. oh i really am praying all the time now that i will have this baby and real labor contractions will hit me. it's only been 2 days and i never want to have a period again. bring on menopause. ok that's short sighted. but really!
also, i lost my mucus plug- so that's more progress. but every woman is different and all these steps could mean tonight is the night or i'll just be waiting it out another 2 weeks. as chase would say, "i'm so glad i'm not a woman." oh but wait- i am! i am a woman! i try not to be envious of chase because being able to bear a child is really the miracle of all miracles! (atonement excluded) and even though i'm complaining and i really am finding myself in a dark pit of despair every other minute- i am so grateful that little capri is doing well and she's coming so soon!!
meeting her new bestie cousin was surreal and i was soaking up all i could as the nurses came in doing their routines, checking on kina, checking on baby- that's going to me soon! and i was asking kina a thousand questions! i went to the hospital twice yesterday! i couldn't stay away. and now (i'm at uvu in the library while chase is at a study session) chase and i are going up again this morning so he can meet capri's little baby cousin for the first time! [ps chad, kina, and i did discuss that we might fill out fake paperwork and say that they named their baby capri. chase would NOT think it's funny- he is obsessed with that name! and don't worry- he never reads my blog- that'll teach him! hahaha. anywho] he's going to think he's died and gone to heaven when he holds that little newborn and it will make him even more excited for our little baby. well i'm finally on the chase bandwagon and ready for this baby to come (aka leave my body!) and make us the happiest people in the world. let's do this baby capri! please!!!!!!!