Wednesday, September 18, 2013

26 hours!

In 26 hours, I will be checking into the hospital and will be getting induced!!! I'm guessing that means baby girl will be born early Friday morning!
I changed my doctor's appointment from Thursday to Tuesday just because- I wanted to. And it's a good thing! She woulda ask to induce me tomorrow night (which woulda been that night of the morning appointment) regardless but now I had more days to prepare, my mom could change her flight, and I could feel more in control- classic!
The doc is going out of town for a week for a Conference and doesn't want me to get to 42 weeks so looks like baby girl will be born on her actual due date!!! Oh I'm so excited! SO SO SO EXCITED!! I'm sure tomorrow I'll have some hyperventilating moments but we're having a morning at the temple so that will help! I cannot believe it's tomorrow and we are so blessed!!
We've been keeping busy. Dinner and intramural sports with the AndersEns yesterday. Lunch with the Koskis today. Risk with the Echols tonight after Survivor Premier. School. Cleaning. Work. Homework. Etc. Etc! It's gonna be here before you know it- for real this time! Birthing story for you next post! Holla!!!!
If you want to be on the mass text for the labor updates- let me know- I am known for TMI and it will be in the middle of the night- so remember that!!

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Shelby Alisa said...

Cant wait for labor post!