Friday, September 6, 2013

a mary morning

I have been quite productive today and I feel like I'm almost in control (this lady has some control issues- that's why being pregnant is so funny to me- control goes out the window) and back to a good schedule after the whirlwind of having my sis in town. I have a few more things on my to-do list and then the baby can feel free to come (write 2 thank you letters, complete sharing time, one more temple sesh, visit the new junior primary teachers and give them the new teacher orientation, and fix our digital channel box.)
My completed check list from the last 24 hours (got a haircut, made a copy of our spare house key, had a date with Chase, visited the old alma mater byu cougar club where i used to work, installed the car seat, bought a breast pump, visited with becca, visited with mary, and bought the sharing time materials i needed for sunday!)
Visiting with Mary this morning was so refreshing! We don't get to see each other too often but there's something amazing about reuniting with your best friend since 5th grade. It reminds you of who you are, how much you have grown and are growing, and all that's good in life! We can seriously talk for hours and I love her company! She has been a mom for almost two years now and is expecting her next baby in January- she has a lot of great perspective and talking with her about motherhood and wifehood is a treat! We are so lucky to have followed each other from Singapore, to Houston, to Utah!!
 Pregnant with her second baby boy! 20 weeks! Pregnant with my first- baby girl! 38 weeks!

 Her little Myles really took a liking to me and I think he has the sweetest personality and swaggest wardrobe! 

I am feeling super grateful and full of the Spirit- which is nice because it helps me segway right into preparing and finalizing an epic sharing time of how prophets help us serve others and serve Christ! I have some creative costumes for the younger kids to dress up like different prophets and a little jeopardy game for the older kids!

P.S. Three weeks ago I created a new tab- maybe you already noticed! It's called OUR LOVE STORY. I'd really love for all to read it, learn something new, and feel genuine happiness like I do! I've had it up for about 3 weeks and haven't changed it and feel secure with what it shares! Of course, it is still implied that I spent way too much time writing, re-reading, and over analyzing it- so if you feel inclined to leave a comment- please do! it will ease my anxiety about sharing too much or coming off in an unpleasant way! It's honest, it's us, it's lovable, and it's long!! beware of the length. maybe give yourself some time or read it when you have more time- perhaps when you have a stomach ache and are stuck in the bathroom for a long time- or maybe that just happens to me. anyways. please read it :) please love it!

I better get going and finish off this productive day!

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Sloane Phillips said...

haha- you are great. and i love your blog. and i seriously cannot wait for this baby girl to show up!!!