Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I'm super tired! Surprise surprise! So i'm gonna make this all pics and call it good. I just woke up from a little power nap so I'm still waking up! It's been amazing being home! I can't get over how perfect little Capri is and how much love I have for her. Also, it's great to feel like I have my body back more and more every day (physically and emotionally) and I'm trying to take one day at a time! Having my mom here has been best (for my emotions and she physically helps a lot, too.) I was one of those mom's that was crying this morning when Capri had her heel pricked and was screaming (a deathly scream) at the hospital for her jaundice check. who knew these motherly emotions were so strong?! 
Also, Chase has been really helpful even with being back in school. I try to do the nights myself, but I know I have back-up for this next week if I want it- and my mom helped some last night- I felt like a new person when I woke up and had 2 three-hour stretches of sleep. Just by my mom watching her between feedings twice- i slept more soundly bc I wasn't worried by every stir or sound. grazzi mamma mia. 
Capri really is a perfect baby and my emotions can peak just bc the hormones, lack of sleep, and responsibility hit me all at once. We are becoming a squeaky-oiled machine and soon we will be a well-oiled machine! I'm just soaking it all up and treasuring all these overwhelming, but amazing feelings! So for now- just some pics with captions!

This is my baby. Happiness.

My grandparents came in town today for a few hours to meet their new great-granddaughter. It was super sweet of them and great to see them fall in love with Capri.

Daddy Chase loves overalls. So his perfect combination.

Her first sponge bath at home. She loved it. Idk if we got all the shampoo out bc her hair looks a little different today. We'll get better.
She looks so small in this pic.

stylin' hair after bath time

bundle of joy.

watching the byu-ute game. the loss didn't sting too bad bc I was holding Capri as the clock ran out.

sleepy baby. we call my neice the aubrito when she sleeps all velcroed tight like this. we shall name her the caprito!

morning feeding and snuggles before the rest of the world was awake.

my cousin megan made this hat and it looks awesome on her.

just takin in the world and exploring her new life.
i love it when her eyes are open and alert. esp when she studies my face!

the sleepin' crew

it's crazy how much my stomach went down after 2.5 days

We had tons of visitors at the hospital and at home! So much love!
Here is Capri's cousin! Chantelle is exactly one week older to the day! Little besties already. Close and cuddly!

They even stretch together. and Chase always was wondering who could win in a fight when they were in the womb- i'd say Capri has the upper hand!

i love her little smiles. even if it does mean she's passing gas at that moment.

kelly's daryn and capri bonding. some babies were more well-fed than others and didn't think photography was a priority!
it's so fun having a newborn with my bestie. 

my mom had this little gem waiting at home for us. Capri sun!! 
Thanks mom!
 grandma time. a good time.

happy mommy.

auntie lauryn and uncle dallin! thanks for the visit!! 
p.s. if anyone else has photos when they visited and i forgot to snap 'em- let me know. i'm gonna print pics for her baby book soon :)

her coming home outfit :) and her proud parents


Kelly said...

ok she looks massive in the third picture! in a good way!

srichards said...

She looks perfect. Congrats!

Lacey said...

She is so beautiful! I'm glad it sounds like your recovery is going so well!