Wednesday, September 11, 2013

scary face

Last night, I was on my phone under the covers- like I do every night. Chase is very grumpy if you keep him up at night when he is ready to sleep. Once he has decided that he's ready to drift off, I better zip it! But I'm a chatter box at night! It's hard for me! But, I've become a complacent wife and I've learned to deal with winding down on my phone while Chase snoozes off happily. So last night, I was checking my emails and got the most hilarious email from my boss in Korea. She said one of my students ( a10 year old girl) transferred teachers because my face scared her. Well isn't that pleasant! Neither of us (luckily I am always covered bc my boss has access to all my phone and video conversations) have any idea where this complaint came from- perhaps my swollen pregnant face frightens her as much as it frightens me! But I had a good laugh about that one and wanted to wake Chase up so badly to laugh with him, but I restrained myself. I think he would only appreciate being woken up for the start of labor or pregnancy problems. Other things can wait till morning! So, I just forwarded the message to my mom and Chase so I would remember to laugh about it with them in the morning! These lovely students complain often but this one was def original! Chase said "What's wrong with your Korean students?" hahaha. Let's not stereotype the culture, but really- there are some strange ducks out there! They always keep me guessing, laughing, and stretching myself as an ESL teacher. I love it!
Another funny picture from last night- Chase, Cody, and I went to Applebee's for karaoke. Chase and I have really been trying to get out  every day before this little baby knocks me down for a couple weeks! It was pretty dead for karaoke night so Cody and I braved up and signed up.
Nobody was there yet, so I wasn't too nervous. I thought it was cute how Chase wouldn't do it! He's fearless and then randomly- he will feel to embarrassed or awk. So not like him! It's only happened a few times since we've been married, but last night he wasn't budging! I reminded him that when we were first dating he went up and karaoked a Taylor Swift song. He said that was just to impress me. I tried all my manipulation techniques..... fail! The other memory I have of him being bashful is on our DC vacation last summer, Bry and I dared him to stand on a chair in the crowded subway and yell, "I bet you all are wondering why I gathered you here today! Today....." but he got bashful, then, too! What a cutie. The last side note about karaoke last night that is important to know is that the song we sang was Ride Wit Me by Nelly. I remembered it differently from my teenage years.....I guess I've never listened too closely to the lyrics. A 39 week pregnant women singing about getting high....... not classy. But we made it through the song and the crowd went wild! Well the 10 people that made up the crowd! hahaha. 
Another funny one liner this morning- I babysat these little twins that live across the street from me  and they were quite a riot. It makes me kind of of want to have twins. A small sliver kind of. Anywho, I got out my dry-erase boards so we could draw, color, and guess pictures. I asked them what I should draw- they told me to draw a fat person. So I was drawing a humpty-dumpty type character when little Cam said, "Hey, that's you with your baby in your belly!" Another candid compliment! Gracias! But on an actual complimentary note- I just got a text from their mom saying "C said, 'I really like Marissa. She is my best friend.' Then S said, 'Yeah she's so nice.' Lol."
Well I'll take it! I really have a love for children! I think that's why I'm enjoying my primary presidency calling- the children are great! the adults are starting to get in line- who knew they'd be the ones causing my frustration! and as a presidency, we are finding our groove! which is good since i'll be mia for a few weeks there bc of maternity issues! right before the primary program- perfect!
All is going well here in prego land. I have a doc appointment tomorrow and I would be so giddy if the doctor told me I was dilated over a 4 and need to go to the hospital so they can break my water and get me into labor! It happened to my mom so maybe it can happen to me :) I partially wanna have this baby so people won't be so disappointed when they see me still prego! I have been having contractions randomly (not painful, but not a picnic either) since Friday so hopefully that means I am more dilated!! I'll let you know- don't I always!
I've also had an epiphany of how I'm going to pass the time when I'm in labor. My gf told me that when she was in labor she was at her in-laws playing games. She clocked her contractions and had a fairly fun time being distracted with games! I imagine that labor will take a couple hours of waiting at home for them to get stronger and closer together, so that sounds just like the ticket for me. I think when I'm in labor (no matter the time) I will either text the fam or friends and have people (prolly just 2-4 ppl) over for games. I may find the idea preposterous once I'm actually in labor with the pain- but for now. That's my plan! Call me crazy! But I find it classic!

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Kerri Andersen said...

hahaha scary faced marissa! :) i hope I'm one of those friends you call to play games when you go into labor...haha you are awesome