Saturday, September 14, 2013

the baby cousin

yesterday early in the morning, chad and kina welcomed their second beautiful baby girl into this world! kina won the race and i am eager to cross that finish line as well! they haven't decided on a name 100%. their charts just say christina (kina) and baby! they're leaning 98% towards Camille, but it isn't on the birth certificate yet. They're gonna know by Sunday- so they say! It's a big decision. I understand the pressure! But regardless of her name- she is perfect! I always told myself that once Kina has her baby, it will get REAL for me that mother nature is coming for me next! and i've been feeling the pressure. literally (more on that later).
i won't share all of kina's birth story- but the reader's digest version. she was induced, in labor for 7 hours, pushed once, was laughing (at how easy it was compared to char) and is recovering strongly! she will make me look like a pansy in comparison- but i'm happy she had such a good experience (esp since this is her last baby!) we're so grateful that little baby cousin is healthier than healthy and now a part of our fam!
 7 lbs 6 oz of perfection!
 she def has the anderson brow and looks so much like charlotte!
 she's had a hard day! you and me both, sister!
lots of newborns have difficulty controlling their nerves and are kind of fidgety.
but not this little one.
awake or asleep, she was totally still and peaceful. it helped me feel more calm and peaceful, too!
newborns to 3 months of age really make me nervous.
 it's weird to imagine that their is a mature, legit baby like her inside of me right now!

on thursday, they stripped my membranes and declared i was at a 2. the stripping wasn't too bad. but the aftermath ever since has been brutal. i was crampy thursday (but it wasn't too much to run home about- i was actually kind of excited about it bc i hadn't felt much contracting or cramping my whole pregnancy).... however, starting yesterday, it escalated into something seriously horrible and my mind is a black hole of depression! intense period cramps with no relief. last night was a horrible night of sleep and i seriously am feeling hopeless. it's a bad attitude and i'm working on it. maybe i'm close to labor or it could mean i'm welcoming my new life for the next two weeks (till my 41 week late induced day september 27). 13 days. 13 days. it can't go on longer than 13 days. oh i really am praying all the time now that i will have this baby and real labor contractions will hit me. it's only been 2 days and i never want to have a period again. bring on menopause. ok that's short sighted. but really!
also, i lost my mucus plug- so that's more progress. but every woman is different and all these steps could mean tonight is the night or i'll just be waiting it out another 2 weeks. as chase would say, "i'm so glad i'm not a woman." oh but wait- i am! i am a woman! i try not to be envious of chase because being able to bear a child is really the miracle of all miracles! (atonement excluded) and even though i'm complaining and i really am finding myself in a dark pit of despair every other minute- i am so grateful that little capri is doing well and she's coming so soon!!
meeting her new bestie cousin was surreal and i was soaking up all i could as the nurses came in doing their routines, checking on kina, checking on baby- that's going to me soon! and i was asking kina a thousand questions! i went to the hospital twice yesterday! i couldn't stay away. and now (i'm at uvu in the library while chase is at a study session) chase and i are going up again this morning so he can meet capri's little baby cousin for the first time! [ps chad, kina, and i did discuss that we might fill out fake paperwork and say that they named their baby capri. chase would NOT think it's funny- he is obsessed with that name! and don't worry- he never reads my blog- that'll teach him! hahaha. anywho] he's going to think he's died and gone to heaven when he holds that little newborn and it will make him even more excited for our little baby. well i'm finally on the chase bandwagon and ready for this baby to come (aka leave my body!) and make us the happiest people in the world. let's do this baby capri! please!!!!!!!

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