Thursday, September 5, 2013

the week with the louds

I really miss these three cuties a lot! I dropped them off at the airport yesterday morning and my house is definitely not the same. I got emotional on the drive home and miss them so much! Yes, my house is cleaner and more calm now- but the laugh of little aubrey and the repetitive andrew saying "chase. chase." It is definitely missed!! 
 We had a lot of fun while they were in town and I'm already counting down until December 26 when we will be back together!!

Andrew was Chase's little shadow and for some reason was really obsessed with saying his name, finding him, and being held by him! Chase is fun and little kids always love him! And his name is quite catchy and easy to say, but Andrew was extra in love. When we woke up yesterday morning at 6 to go to the airport and Chase was still sleeping and didn't come- Andrew was quite concerned and calling for Chase to emerge! hahaha. precious!
 Of course Chase was in heaven with Andrew's obsession and my lil heart melted, too. He'd point at pics of Chase and always want him first thing from his naps or whenever he was reminded that Chase was MIA. I tried to brainwash him with my name and point at pics of me- but he'd just find Chase in the pic and repeat "Chashe! Chashe!" which is how it sounded! Andrew was quite distraught at Chuck when we went to eat there during one of Chase's shifts. Chase was working and walking around and couldn't be holding him all the time. What a cutie! And as you can see- he is quite the helper. Pushing the vacuum, sweeping, fixing the doorknobs! What a Mr. Fix it!

And little Aubrey loved everyone, just like Andrew, but once again had a special infatuation with a specific someone- with Aunt Taryn! Kids like what they like! She has so much energy and at night when she gets to stay up a few minutes past Andrew, it's cute how she says, "Now it's girl time!" hahah. She doesn't love when Andrew gets all the attention and makes a special effort to steal the attention back and be just as cute- and she succeeds. These kids melt my heart! Her vocabulary is crazy and she is such a genius already! They motivate me to have just as cute of kids!

 We had a fun time at church with them! Aubrey was volunteering during sharing time and so cute in Primary! And Andrew was a champ in nursery! I love both these pics- esp when Andrew has his puppy dog sad eyes! I don't think he was used to someone taking his pictures every day all day!
And as you can see- some major swelling going on with my 38 week pregnant self. The next picture is just as appetizing!
 well hello 3+ pitting edema. By the end of the day- these indentions are common and comical! They don't hurt but they are freaky looking! P.s. at the doctor's this morning I was still a 1 cm dilated and 70% effaced. I'm in no hurry at this point! I can't wait to meet her (especially as I was refolding her baby clothes yesterday.) but she can cook in there a little longer. It's becoming real- esp with my sister in law (who has had the same due date as me) getting induced on Friday the 13th! Trippy and exciting!
 We have been spending a lot of time together as a family with shelby and the babies in town! as you can imagine. and sometimes that means too much time together or our quirks are brought out. this is where taylor was found after chase insulted the way he was scrambling the eggs one morning for breakfast. classic tii! 

we had a lot of fun these past couple weeks! splash pad, eating out, playing at the park, cooking, playing games, making up games, going to heber, seeing trains, watching movies, city creek shopping, and seven peaks! seven peaks is a lot more fun for me when i have little children to play with and chase around! it was a blast, esp with the in-laws coming down and getting to play with aubs, andrew, and charlotte in the kiddie slides and playgrounds! sad that seven peak season is over now, too! 

 and this pic to end with just for laughs. spending time with the neice and nephew made me miss this other little niece even more. so when garrett text me this pic on monday- i couldn't resist but compare all of our beautiful similarities. i miss millie so much! along with lil andrew and aubrey. 
family is a beautiful thing. 

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