Monday, October 28, 2013

our lil pumpkin

If you follow me on insta or fbook, you know where this is going......
But first- let's show how wonderful of a mother I am.
I love snugglin' with this babe all day every day! I try not to hold her while she sleeps or spoil her too much (whoever said you can't spoil a baby in the first year must never have met a spoiled baby or have children for that matter) but she was fussy and fighting sleep too much and needed cuddles. what an angel.
 and as you can see- she's getting chunky! those little thighs. that beyonce backside! get it girl!

And church (the primary program) was successful yesterday. Capri napped the whole time while our friends David and Kristy watched her! Grazzi. The Spirit was so strong with the little children baring their testimonies, singing, and teaching us the simple true doctrine. Capri was once again an angel during Primary (minus a barely blow out) and Chase was pleased to teach his last primary lesson but will miss his chillens at the same time- and lesbionest, i will use him as a sub in primary i'm sure. and the elder's quorum president already snagged him and told him he will meet with him next sunday to give him a new calling.
and it's official. real smiles. we can get our little girl to smile now! esp daddy- he has a few tricks and sounds that make her light up like a jack-o-lantern (halloween similes of course)

we got her nice and milk drunk before church! that's why she was so docile the whole three hours. genius.
p.s. we have a new sleeping habit for the night shift- 6 hour stretch!!! holla!!! last night she slept 6 hours, 4 hours, and is back asleep as I'm blogging and I'm guessing she'll sleep for 2 more hours!!! Lucky mamma and happy baby!

So yesterday was Chase's family bday party! Everyone was so happy to hold the babies. 
Grandma and Grandpa Pearson hadn't seen their great-grandbabies yet and neither had Aunt Tracy, Uncle Troy, and Cousin Tate. We had delicious bread bowls, soup, chili, apple crisp, and vanilla ice cream. We carved pumpkins. and..... we tortured Capri and Chantelle.
 Those who carved pumpkins- well done! 
Daddy's hidden message on the side. He sure loves his lil girl.

And now for some of my fav pictures of Capri yet (well until I get her newborn photos back I'm sure). I have a problem and this doesn't paint me in the best light. I don't like to see her sad but these pictures are still so hilarious and cute. And Chase..... he kept shouting, "take her out. stop. don't take anymore pictures" and by the end of this session, he grabbed her from me and wouldn't let me have her back for a while. Chase was not supportive of this pinterest, crafty crime! But Capri is totally fine and I'm sure she will be able to look at a pumpkin again soon and not flinch.
the innocent victims.

Chantelle is only a week older but seriously acts like she is a month or two older. She can stand so well on her legs already. Holds her head up like a champ. Drinks 4-5 more ounces than Capri per feeding. She doesn't sleep as long as Capri but that is because she is sooo hungry that she needs food every 2 hours to sustain her growing needs! Capri was 1 lb 6 oz heavier at their birth weight but I'm sure it's switched and Chantelle is 1 lb 6 oz heavier if not more! (I have my 6 week check up today [yes i planned it as early as possible aka at 5 weeks 4 days aka on Chase's bday.] so I will scurry over and place Capri on the scale real quick to see how much she weighs). Anywho, Chantelle is a super baby and also finally catching up to Capri with her hair. Ok that's a little too generous of a statement. But yeah. It's impossible not to compare these babies since they are so close in age. We love them so much and love to see them grow together! 

"uhhh i don't like where this is going.... and yet i like to be nakey."

getting their hats to stay on was a challenge and they aren't too upset yet (and let's be honest- capri was definitely more anti than chan)
Mom! Dad! Stop! It's cold!!

Hmmm.... maybe if we calm them down, take their head contraptions off, and switch them in their pumpkins it will work better......
not bad. this may work.
 nope. bad idea.... again. 

hahahaha. you can't help but laugh and wanna pick her up and snuggle her. the second she was out and back in my arms, she calmed down and was all smiles. she's a trooper and we have these fantastic pics for the memories. win-win sorta :)
we love our lil pumpkin!!

and happy birthday (actual birthday) to my beloved husband!! we are so happy you are here with us and you are our husband and daddy! we love you! more birthday praises later! gotta shower while i still can! while capri and her daddy are still asleep! 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Chase's Surprise Birthday Party!

I successfully threw Chase a surprise birthday party! His birthday is Monday and so his birthday festivities have begun. Perhaps you don't realize how much of an accomplishment it is for me to throw a surprise party. I have a secret keeping problem. Especially if it is a good secret. If it's happy news, I have a chatty mouth! I tell Chase his Christmas present every year way before Christmas day. I wanted to tell him about his party so many times and I was always paranoid he'd look at my phone and see a text or facebook notification (from the events) or I'd let it slip! He wasn't suspecting it bc we are having a family party Sunday for him and Monday, we are going out for his birthday- so he thought his birthday was covered this year! 

I reserved the church for last night and we planned for Taylor to "lock his key in his car at the mall" and Chase had to bring Tay the spare. That gave me time to change Capri and I into our costumes, load the car, and get to the church. I had helping hands to assist me, too! Merci!
Then I called Chase and told him the bishop wanted to meet with him asap. He was concerned bc he was wearing sweats and looked a little homeless but I told him I'm already here and wearing sweats, too, so just hurry bc I don't like to make the bishop wait. Ha! I can't believe it actually worked. He is getting released after this Sunday from his primary teacher calling so the lie seemed legit sorta. 
He sped over and I didn't think through the fact that I was in costume.... so I just hid in the dark and when he came through the doors I called his name and he said "Where are you?" and I said- "in the gym- come here." and he entered, the lights turned on, and we all yelled SURPRISE! 40 of chase's beloved friends and family members all welcoming him! He was totally surprised! He said he honestly didn't suspect anything until he walked towards the gym and saw some shadows of balloons on the ground! Success!!!!!!! 
We then had some treats, sang happy birthday, played minute-to-win-it games, and played murder in the dark! It was a smashing fun night!!!
singing happy birthday to my love AND 
thank you to julie and taryn for helping bring more food, too!!
the birthday boy blew out all his candles on the first try! please notice his cute stinger! i made our costumes and that is my fav part!
halloween cake for chase, whose fav holiday is halloween!!
two happy bees with their little flower! 
capri was up past her bedtime and had a little fussy night but she had many hands who wanted to hold her and love her!! and grandma and grandpa anderson took great care of her while mommy and daddy played games! 
"mom, what is going on and what is on my head?"

thanks to everyone who could make it and made last night such a fun loving night!
happy 24th birthday, Chase. We LOVE you!

p.s. picture: i'm a true mom! bloggin' and juggling my sleepin babe! proof is in the pic. love this snuggle bug.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

one month old

our baby capri is one month old today and we celebrated by taking her to church! we had tay and tar watch her in the middle of the chapel during the last two hours while we practiced for the primary program. it was so entertaining and i think next sunday's performance is going to be legen-dary!
Chase told me not to post this picture of him bc he hadn't put gel in his hair yet but sometimes i'm disobedient and it shows their hair is father like daughter!! sticks straight up! bing (sound effect necessary)

and this pic is more like my baby pics (more curly) - post bath! she loves the bath. and hates to leave it! 

 Sunday snuggles in between work!

also i got my haircut and i'm loving it :) i had long hair for over three years and the change is beautiful! my friend jess colored and cut it! i can give you her number :)

I'm excited for some more clue tonight with these two and chase after my presidency meeting tonight!!
Discovered that the iphone has panorama shot. and also cut taylor's head off when i was trying to figure it out.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Roses and a love letter

This morning was a train wreck inside my head! I had the worst headache! I'm guessing it came from a long night with Capri (who has been sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at night though!!) and a busy, packed Sunday! I really enjoyed being back at church (p.s. primary program practicing and unruly children- yikes!), getting a handle on work, and having our game night go into the late hours of the night! It was worth the headache. But the morning was still rough. And I couldn't get anything done except keep Capri happy and try to keep my eyes closed as much as possible! Well, Chase came home from school and when I saw him pull up, I was so happy to see him that I started crying from the relief. He was a little alarmed that his wife was streaming tears but with the post baby blues and hormones it's not too uncommon to him. I hadn't text him or told him about my bad morning- no need! So I explained my bad headache and apologized for the train wreck of a house, too! He just smiled and pulled out a dozen roses and the sweetest love letter from behind his back! It was perfect! I was touched! What a lovely surprise and he is quite the romantic. It was extra sweet, too, because just last night I was thinking about how I feel like a mom but not like a wife in the way that I am used to (not like it has to be one or the other but mom mode is definitely in full swing right now). Basically I was missing Chase. And ta da- here he is reassuring and loving on me more than ever. Well as much as he can during the six week dry spell! TMI! Anyways- it was such a beautiful day after that- with my headache and all! The flowers are beautiful and the letter was even more beautiful! Such sweet words! Thank you oodles, Chase!

Friday, October 11, 2013

3 weeks & minus 35!

I made it through another week! My baby is three weeks old today! Can you believe it? What a feat!
I'm not so surprised my baby is alive- rather the fact that I'm still alive! Alive and thriving.
I am pretty happy with my bod (still 10-15 lbs to lose to be as sexy as ever) but what a blessing (and thank you, mother, for being right!) that this weight [water weight] just fell right off. I've lost 35 lbs from doing nothing! In three weeks I'll be able to work out and I'm stoked!
The other night, my friend came over and she admitted how big I was at the end of my pregnancy and how good I looked now! I knew it! I knew ppl were sugar coating it for me when they'd reassure me that I looked cute pregnant! Then Chase said that maybe ppl are sugar coating my weight loss, too. Thanks, Chase! You sweetie! But it's all good bc I believe I am lookin' good. Not in a prideful way- but in a- I knew I didn't gain lots of fat during pregnancy way- it's just my body type! I'd rather be big pregnant and little post-pregnant than the other way around! 

Chase just left for work and my to-do list is so small after a busy week that I feel I have a handle on things. I go back to work Sunday- so I'm a little nervous but I feel like I'm back on my feet and fairly steady! Let's just pray Capri continues to be a cooperative baby (as far as a three week old baby can cooperate!)
We got her birth certificate today and Chase came home in a panic bc he had to enter where I was born..... ope he took a gamble that it was Texas- luckily he gambled correctly! Who is he?! Well actually I know who he is- I know who he is like the back of my hand! Who does he think I am?! He argues in his defense that he lived in one place his whole life so it's easier to remember where he was born.... I guess. You justify, babe! I'll let it slide bc at least he guessed right and did the errand in pickin up the birth certificate! Thank you :)
I just listened to Saturday's afternoon session again (thank you HDMI chord for the big screen!) and D. Todd Christofferson's talk really hit me again! Listen, study, love it! The Moral Force of Women.
One of my first thoughts of this season's Conference was that the brethren were really focusing and giving into the women and their priesthood complaints. My pride almost thought (well it did for a second obviously) that they shouldn't even address these concerns bc protests, sit-ins, and threats shouldn't be rewarded.... but this public theme and these talks on women, the priesthood, and gender roles were really powerful and straight from God! They touched me and humbled me- I hope all women of Christ were strengthened as well!
Ok anywho! Little Capri is taking a nap and I better hurry and say what I have to say so I can get other things done- the winter coats and clothing need to be unpacked! And  DI pile needs to be started. I owe chase $50 from a bet I lost and he demands that they come from me selling some of my clothes! Cruel. Hahah- anywho.  I hope it's a nicer winter this year than last- last winter was FRIGID and RSV was rampant!!! the coldest in my books! I thought I would freeze and slip on ice with every step- at least I won't be pregnant and as precarious this year! but then again, I have a baby that needs to be warm.
Next item of business. This week I got to meet with my girl Danielle who was in town from Australia! She was in my MTC class and served gloriously at temple square. It was so sweet for her to stop by, meet the babe, and catch up. Talking with her- of course we spent all our time talking about the mission. It was good to reflect on that amazing blessing in my life and how awesome Temple square is!
I get to go there tomorrow because my friend from Texas is getting sealed to her husband and baby! It's going to be incredible. I feel the spirit when I do proxy family sealings and this will be my first living family sealing. And thank you oodles for Taryn accompanying me (in advance) to watch Capri. I'm glad I have people I can trust with my precious baby!
And how exciting it will be when Taryn and Taylor get married and other people [besides Tar] will be watching the babies!! Chase and I are already talking and scheming about Thanksgiving & Christmas!!
Also- other news. Last night was Sam's bridal shower. Another event that made me reflect on my own engagement chapter and even my time living in Singapore! Lots of reflecting these days! I am so happy for Sam- we can relate bc she waited for her mish, they got engaged a month after he returned, and their wedding is next month! It's really nice when it all works out so smoothly and lovingly!
And then after that, a little reunion with Annie and Becca (college roomies.) Annie lives in Oregon now and having her in Provo for one last day was nice. Sometimes you think you don't miss your friends anymore and you've adjusted to life without them. But when you get to stay up till midnight talking and laughing- you realize how much you miss them and wish you hang out with them more often and wish they still lived in Provo. They're happy they've escaped Provo but I am not! 

So I came home pretty late and I give myself wife kudos bc Chase was asleep in bed (he normally sleeps in the living room bc he can't sleep through Capri's fidgety noises). AND SO.... Capri and I slept in the living room so Chase could get a nice bed sleep. And my back and neck are paying for it this morning. Our couch is pretty to look at but so not comfortable. First world problems.
  This was a day when Capri decided she would be awake from 4 am- 8 pm!! Except for a two hour nap in between! It was crazy! Don't let her sleepy look fool you. She was awake and hence- so was I! I love this mommy baby pic though! My sweet love bug!

 She is a prophetess! Parting the red sea in her dreams I believe! Or holding her arms up until the battle is over!
 Getting gas bubbles out looks irritating but she loves it!
 What an angel!

Well that's all for now folks. This weekend is a busy one again and life is really starting up! Back to church (just for me- the Primary program rehearsal and all that.), back to work, back to game nights, back to an even fuller plate, back to more opportunities for growth!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Busy and Rejuvenated!

This weekend was a busy one but a great one. I feel super refreshed. We went up to my in-laws Friday and being up there all weekend, with all the extra hands to help- it was awesome. I got caught up on some sleep, spent some quality and quantity time with my fam, and was able to live a full weekend. I feel like I have an even more full, busy, rewarding life now as a mom. I can do the things I love and be with the ones I love with a new little love connected to my hip (or to my nursing parts you could say.) 
Yes, it did take me about 3 hours to unpack this morning and get my house in order while caring for Capri (why does everything take 3 times as long!) but my spirits are still high. Especially because I feel a lot of extra love for Capri's daddy today. Last night, we got home and bathed Capri- then Chase took Capri from 10 pm- 1 am and I slept the whole time with no interruptions. It was heaven. He was in heaven, too, because he had his baby girl and his Walking Dead on netflix. hahaha. Also, I have an extra lot of love for Chase this week bc I've been reflecting a lot on the week almost four years ago when he went into the MTC and all those hardships of being apart for two years. Why? Because Ciara has been a wreck all weekend bc her Nathan goes into the MTC on Wednesday and she had to say goodbye yesterday. I, myself, was tearing up and feeling so nauseous thinking about her current predicament. It's the right thing. But it's the hard thing! She will be blessed and stronger for this chapter. And Nathan is a champ doing what the Big Champ wants him to be doing. Both C & N received powerful priesthood blessings last night and I know they are going to have an amazing two years.
 I am so grateful that Chase and I made it through our two years. It makes my heart burst with gratitude and love! As I held Chase's hand last night in the car on the drive home, the feelings were incredible and I love my return missionary so much! and more with every day!
We watched conference, played games, played vegetable baseball (Dave's left over garden veggies: we played baseball with them and it was messy and fun!), went on jazzy rides, had delicious meals, watched movies, went to a birthday party, went to a baby blessing, and went to my beloved temple square. It was full of love, spirituality, and grand reflecting! Let's tell the rest of the story with pictures!

 Friday, little Jimmy had his first birthday party. Of course I didn't get a pic of the birthday boy destroying his cake (best part of a one year old's birthday), but I did get some pictures of him and his little friends. This is Capri's bff Daryn! It was so great that Kelly could come down for Jimmy's birthday.
 Kelly, Becca, and I were BYU roommates until our husbands stole us and these are our babies. Precious.

At the Andersons, the sleeping arrangement ended up being quite hilarious. Chase and I were given his parents KING (heaven) size bed (they slept downstairs to take care of grandma) and we put little Capri between us in her boppy. However, Chase (who must not be as exhausted as me) cannot sleep through Capri's little noises and ended up stealing Ciara's bed (she was on a late date night and when she came home- she realized someone stole her bed and that she would be sleeping on the couch bc Chase reminds everyone he is the top of the food chain and is kind of a bully. A lovable bully. Poor, sweet Ci)
So that left me with Capri in a king size bed. I need a king size bed bad!!  First world problems.
But Capri was a great little sleeper and her grandpa Anderson is a morning person and he came in around 6 am to take her from me so that was pleasant!

After her 4 o'clock feeding, this was her fussing unless she was right next to me & sleeping on her side! So of course, I didn't sleep and just watched her and waited for her to fall into a deeper sleep so I could move her. Then she disregarded sleep all together! This was her from 430 am-530 am Sunday morning. She was inquisitively asking me why I wouldn't unswaddle her and let her party! Everyone is asleep, Capri! Get with the program! But I love that face and am soaking in all the newborn moments- even if it means sleep is MIA.

Capri is learning about life at a young age. She knows how to ride in style. We traveled around Chase's childhood neighborhood and went to his two bff's house and showed their families our new pride and joy!
 On Saturday, after Conference- our friend Annie was in town from Oregon and she blessed her baby at a church by the Conference Center (location not the best timing). But it gave us a good excuse to get dressed up and take a few family pictures before we headed up there. My mother-in-law has quite the crafty side and her front porch always looks cute for whatever time of year it is! 
It was great to have some family time with us three and get out to the city!

and now for our little pumpkin!

Then it was off to tracks to head up to Salt Lake! She looked so cute when Chase was burping her! Hence the pic overload.

Some last pics of Nathan holding little Capri. All three crying! Some more than others.
 Missions are a crazy thing! But you remember your mission for the rest of your life, marriage, and testimony- so make it a good one!! We love you Nathan! We'll miss you!

 It's all worth it! This weekend reminded me what life is all about. Loving, supporting, and laughing with each other! How great that families can be together forever with the true gospel restored to the Earth.