Friday, October 11, 2013

3 weeks & minus 35!

I made it through another week! My baby is three weeks old today! Can you believe it? What a feat!
I'm not so surprised my baby is alive- rather the fact that I'm still alive! Alive and thriving.
I am pretty happy with my bod (still 10-15 lbs to lose to be as sexy as ever) but what a blessing (and thank you, mother, for being right!) that this weight [water weight] just fell right off. I've lost 35 lbs from doing nothing! In three weeks I'll be able to work out and I'm stoked!
The other night, my friend came over and she admitted how big I was at the end of my pregnancy and how good I looked now! I knew it! I knew ppl were sugar coating it for me when they'd reassure me that I looked cute pregnant! Then Chase said that maybe ppl are sugar coating my weight loss, too. Thanks, Chase! You sweetie! But it's all good bc I believe I am lookin' good. Not in a prideful way- but in a- I knew I didn't gain lots of fat during pregnancy way- it's just my body type! I'd rather be big pregnant and little post-pregnant than the other way around! 

Chase just left for work and my to-do list is so small after a busy week that I feel I have a handle on things. I go back to work Sunday- so I'm a little nervous but I feel like I'm back on my feet and fairly steady! Let's just pray Capri continues to be a cooperative baby (as far as a three week old baby can cooperate!)
We got her birth certificate today and Chase came home in a panic bc he had to enter where I was born..... ope he took a gamble that it was Texas- luckily he gambled correctly! Who is he?! Well actually I know who he is- I know who he is like the back of my hand! Who does he think I am?! He argues in his defense that he lived in one place his whole life so it's easier to remember where he was born.... I guess. You justify, babe! I'll let it slide bc at least he guessed right and did the errand in pickin up the birth certificate! Thank you :)
I just listened to Saturday's afternoon session again (thank you HDMI chord for the big screen!) and D. Todd Christofferson's talk really hit me again! Listen, study, love it! The Moral Force of Women.
One of my first thoughts of this season's Conference was that the brethren were really focusing and giving into the women and their priesthood complaints. My pride almost thought (well it did for a second obviously) that they shouldn't even address these concerns bc protests, sit-ins, and threats shouldn't be rewarded.... but this public theme and these talks on women, the priesthood, and gender roles were really powerful and straight from God! They touched me and humbled me- I hope all women of Christ were strengthened as well!
Ok anywho! Little Capri is taking a nap and I better hurry and say what I have to say so I can get other things done- the winter coats and clothing need to be unpacked! And  DI pile needs to be started. I owe chase $50 from a bet I lost and he demands that they come from me selling some of my clothes! Cruel. Hahah- anywho.  I hope it's a nicer winter this year than last- last winter was FRIGID and RSV was rampant!!! the coldest in my books! I thought I would freeze and slip on ice with every step- at least I won't be pregnant and as precarious this year! but then again, I have a baby that needs to be warm.
Next item of business. This week I got to meet with my girl Danielle who was in town from Australia! She was in my MTC class and served gloriously at temple square. It was so sweet for her to stop by, meet the babe, and catch up. Talking with her- of course we spent all our time talking about the mission. It was good to reflect on that amazing blessing in my life and how awesome Temple square is!
I get to go there tomorrow because my friend from Texas is getting sealed to her husband and baby! It's going to be incredible. I feel the spirit when I do proxy family sealings and this will be my first living family sealing. And thank you oodles for Taryn accompanying me (in advance) to watch Capri. I'm glad I have people I can trust with my precious baby!
And how exciting it will be when Taryn and Taylor get married and other people [besides Tar] will be watching the babies!! Chase and I are already talking and scheming about Thanksgiving & Christmas!!
Also- other news. Last night was Sam's bridal shower. Another event that made me reflect on my own engagement chapter and even my time living in Singapore! Lots of reflecting these days! I am so happy for Sam- we can relate bc she waited for her mish, they got engaged a month after he returned, and their wedding is next month! It's really nice when it all works out so smoothly and lovingly!
And then after that, a little reunion with Annie and Becca (college roomies.) Annie lives in Oregon now and having her in Provo for one last day was nice. Sometimes you think you don't miss your friends anymore and you've adjusted to life without them. But when you get to stay up till midnight talking and laughing- you realize how much you miss them and wish you hang out with them more often and wish they still lived in Provo. They're happy they've escaped Provo but I am not! 

So I came home pretty late and I give myself wife kudos bc Chase was asleep in bed (he normally sleeps in the living room bc he can't sleep through Capri's fidgety noises). AND SO.... Capri and I slept in the living room so Chase could get a nice bed sleep. And my back and neck are paying for it this morning. Our couch is pretty to look at but so not comfortable. First world problems.
  This was a day when Capri decided she would be awake from 4 am- 8 pm!! Except for a two hour nap in between! It was crazy! Don't let her sleepy look fool you. She was awake and hence- so was I! I love this mommy baby pic though! My sweet love bug!

 She is a prophetess! Parting the red sea in her dreams I believe! Or holding her arms up until the battle is over!
 Getting gas bubbles out looks irritating but she loves it!
 What an angel!

Well that's all for now folks. This weekend is a busy one again and life is really starting up! Back to church (just for me- the Primary program rehearsal and all that.), back to work, back to game nights, back to an even fuller plate, back to more opportunities for growth!

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