Monday, October 7, 2013

Busy and Rejuvenated!

This weekend was a busy one but a great one. I feel super refreshed. We went up to my in-laws Friday and being up there all weekend, with all the extra hands to help- it was awesome. I got caught up on some sleep, spent some quality and quantity time with my fam, and was able to live a full weekend. I feel like I have an even more full, busy, rewarding life now as a mom. I can do the things I love and be with the ones I love with a new little love connected to my hip (or to my nursing parts you could say.) 
Yes, it did take me about 3 hours to unpack this morning and get my house in order while caring for Capri (why does everything take 3 times as long!) but my spirits are still high. Especially because I feel a lot of extra love for Capri's daddy today. Last night, we got home and bathed Capri- then Chase took Capri from 10 pm- 1 am and I slept the whole time with no interruptions. It was heaven. He was in heaven, too, because he had his baby girl and his Walking Dead on netflix. hahaha. Also, I have an extra lot of love for Chase this week bc I've been reflecting a lot on the week almost four years ago when he went into the MTC and all those hardships of being apart for two years. Why? Because Ciara has been a wreck all weekend bc her Nathan goes into the MTC on Wednesday and she had to say goodbye yesterday. I, myself, was tearing up and feeling so nauseous thinking about her current predicament. It's the right thing. But it's the hard thing! She will be blessed and stronger for this chapter. And Nathan is a champ doing what the Big Champ wants him to be doing. Both C & N received powerful priesthood blessings last night and I know they are going to have an amazing two years.
 I am so grateful that Chase and I made it through our two years. It makes my heart burst with gratitude and love! As I held Chase's hand last night in the car on the drive home, the feelings were incredible and I love my return missionary so much! and more with every day!
We watched conference, played games, played vegetable baseball (Dave's left over garden veggies: we played baseball with them and it was messy and fun!), went on jazzy rides, had delicious meals, watched movies, went to a birthday party, went to a baby blessing, and went to my beloved temple square. It was full of love, spirituality, and grand reflecting! Let's tell the rest of the story with pictures!

 Friday, little Jimmy had his first birthday party. Of course I didn't get a pic of the birthday boy destroying his cake (best part of a one year old's birthday), but I did get some pictures of him and his little friends. This is Capri's bff Daryn! It was so great that Kelly could come down for Jimmy's birthday.
 Kelly, Becca, and I were BYU roommates until our husbands stole us and these are our babies. Precious.

At the Andersons, the sleeping arrangement ended up being quite hilarious. Chase and I were given his parents KING (heaven) size bed (they slept downstairs to take care of grandma) and we put little Capri between us in her boppy. However, Chase (who must not be as exhausted as me) cannot sleep through Capri's little noises and ended up stealing Ciara's bed (she was on a late date night and when she came home- she realized someone stole her bed and that she would be sleeping on the couch bc Chase reminds everyone he is the top of the food chain and is kind of a bully. A lovable bully. Poor, sweet Ci)
So that left me with Capri in a king size bed. I need a king size bed bad!!  First world problems.
But Capri was a great little sleeper and her grandpa Anderson is a morning person and he came in around 6 am to take her from me so that was pleasant!

After her 4 o'clock feeding, this was her fussing unless she was right next to me & sleeping on her side! So of course, I didn't sleep and just watched her and waited for her to fall into a deeper sleep so I could move her. Then she disregarded sleep all together! This was her from 430 am-530 am Sunday morning. She was inquisitively asking me why I wouldn't unswaddle her and let her party! Everyone is asleep, Capri! Get with the program! But I love that face and am soaking in all the newborn moments- even if it means sleep is MIA.

Capri is learning about life at a young age. She knows how to ride in style. We traveled around Chase's childhood neighborhood and went to his two bff's house and showed their families our new pride and joy!
 On Saturday, after Conference- our friend Annie was in town from Oregon and she blessed her baby at a church by the Conference Center (location not the best timing). But it gave us a good excuse to get dressed up and take a few family pictures before we headed up there. My mother-in-law has quite the crafty side and her front porch always looks cute for whatever time of year it is! 
It was great to have some family time with us three and get out to the city!

and now for our little pumpkin!

Then it was off to tracks to head up to Salt Lake! She looked so cute when Chase was burping her! Hence the pic overload.

Some last pics of Nathan holding little Capri. All three crying! Some more than others.
 Missions are a crazy thing! But you remember your mission for the rest of your life, marriage, and testimony- so make it a good one!! We love you Nathan! We'll miss you!

 It's all worth it! This weekend reminded me what life is all about. Loving, supporting, and laughing with each other! How great that families can be together forever with the true gospel restored to the Earth.

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this post was heaven because of all the pics! she is the cutest! i love her!