Friday, October 25, 2013

Chase's Surprise Birthday Party!

I successfully threw Chase a surprise birthday party! His birthday is Monday and so his birthday festivities have begun. Perhaps you don't realize how much of an accomplishment it is for me to throw a surprise party. I have a secret keeping problem. Especially if it is a good secret. If it's happy news, I have a chatty mouth! I tell Chase his Christmas present every year way before Christmas day. I wanted to tell him about his party so many times and I was always paranoid he'd look at my phone and see a text or facebook notification (from the events) or I'd let it slip! He wasn't suspecting it bc we are having a family party Sunday for him and Monday, we are going out for his birthday- so he thought his birthday was covered this year! 

I reserved the church for last night and we planned for Taylor to "lock his key in his car at the mall" and Chase had to bring Tay the spare. That gave me time to change Capri and I into our costumes, load the car, and get to the church. I had helping hands to assist me, too! Merci!
Then I called Chase and told him the bishop wanted to meet with him asap. He was concerned bc he was wearing sweats and looked a little homeless but I told him I'm already here and wearing sweats, too, so just hurry bc I don't like to make the bishop wait. Ha! I can't believe it actually worked. He is getting released after this Sunday from his primary teacher calling so the lie seemed legit sorta. 
He sped over and I didn't think through the fact that I was in costume.... so I just hid in the dark and when he came through the doors I called his name and he said "Where are you?" and I said- "in the gym- come here." and he entered, the lights turned on, and we all yelled SURPRISE! 40 of chase's beloved friends and family members all welcoming him! He was totally surprised! He said he honestly didn't suspect anything until he walked towards the gym and saw some shadows of balloons on the ground! Success!!!!!!! 
We then had some treats, sang happy birthday, played minute-to-win-it games, and played murder in the dark! It was a smashing fun night!!!
singing happy birthday to my love AND 
thank you to julie and taryn for helping bring more food, too!!
the birthday boy blew out all his candles on the first try! please notice his cute stinger! i made our costumes and that is my fav part!
halloween cake for chase, whose fav holiday is halloween!!
two happy bees with their little flower! 
capri was up past her bedtime and had a little fussy night but she had many hands who wanted to hold her and love her!! and grandma and grandpa anderson took great care of her while mommy and daddy played games! 
"mom, what is going on and what is on my head?"

thanks to everyone who could make it and made last night such a fun loving night!
happy 24th birthday, Chase. We LOVE you!

p.s. picture: i'm a true mom! bloggin' and juggling my sleepin babe! proof is in the pic. love this snuggle bug.

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