Sunday, October 20, 2013

one month old

our baby capri is one month old today and we celebrated by taking her to church! we had tay and tar watch her in the middle of the chapel during the last two hours while we practiced for the primary program. it was so entertaining and i think next sunday's performance is going to be legen-dary!
Chase told me not to post this picture of him bc he hadn't put gel in his hair yet but sometimes i'm disobedient and it shows their hair is father like daughter!! sticks straight up! bing (sound effect necessary)

and this pic is more like my baby pics (more curly) - post bath! she loves the bath. and hates to leave it! 

 Sunday snuggles in between work!

also i got my haircut and i'm loving it :) i had long hair for over three years and the change is beautiful! my friend jess colored and cut it! i can give you her number :)

I'm excited for some more clue tonight with these two and chase after my presidency meeting tonight!!
Discovered that the iphone has panorama shot. and also cut taylor's head off when i was trying to figure it out.


Sloane Phillips said...

I cannot believe she is already 1 month! Super cute. Love the hair. All of it- the sticking up straight, curly and your new cut. 143143.

Lacey said...

Love your hair! And Capri's :)