Monday, October 28, 2013

our lil pumpkin

If you follow me on insta or fbook, you know where this is going......
But first- let's show how wonderful of a mother I am.
I love snugglin' with this babe all day every day! I try not to hold her while she sleeps or spoil her too much (whoever said you can't spoil a baby in the first year must never have met a spoiled baby or have children for that matter) but she was fussy and fighting sleep too much and needed cuddles. what an angel.
 and as you can see- she's getting chunky! those little thighs. that beyonce backside! get it girl!

And church (the primary program) was successful yesterday. Capri napped the whole time while our friends David and Kristy watched her! Grazzi. The Spirit was so strong with the little children baring their testimonies, singing, and teaching us the simple true doctrine. Capri was once again an angel during Primary (minus a barely blow out) and Chase was pleased to teach his last primary lesson but will miss his chillens at the same time- and lesbionest, i will use him as a sub in primary i'm sure. and the elder's quorum president already snagged him and told him he will meet with him next sunday to give him a new calling.
and it's official. real smiles. we can get our little girl to smile now! esp daddy- he has a few tricks and sounds that make her light up like a jack-o-lantern (halloween similes of course)

we got her nice and milk drunk before church! that's why she was so docile the whole three hours. genius.
p.s. we have a new sleeping habit for the night shift- 6 hour stretch!!! holla!!! last night she slept 6 hours, 4 hours, and is back asleep as I'm blogging and I'm guessing she'll sleep for 2 more hours!!! Lucky mamma and happy baby!

So yesterday was Chase's family bday party! Everyone was so happy to hold the babies. 
Grandma and Grandpa Pearson hadn't seen their great-grandbabies yet and neither had Aunt Tracy, Uncle Troy, and Cousin Tate. We had delicious bread bowls, soup, chili, apple crisp, and vanilla ice cream. We carved pumpkins. and..... we tortured Capri and Chantelle.
 Those who carved pumpkins- well done! 
Daddy's hidden message on the side. He sure loves his lil girl.

And now for some of my fav pictures of Capri yet (well until I get her newborn photos back I'm sure). I have a problem and this doesn't paint me in the best light. I don't like to see her sad but these pictures are still so hilarious and cute. And Chase..... he kept shouting, "take her out. stop. don't take anymore pictures" and by the end of this session, he grabbed her from me and wouldn't let me have her back for a while. Chase was not supportive of this pinterest, crafty crime! But Capri is totally fine and I'm sure she will be able to look at a pumpkin again soon and not flinch.
the innocent victims.

Chantelle is only a week older but seriously acts like she is a month or two older. She can stand so well on her legs already. Holds her head up like a champ. Drinks 4-5 more ounces than Capri per feeding. She doesn't sleep as long as Capri but that is because she is sooo hungry that she needs food every 2 hours to sustain her growing needs! Capri was 1 lb 6 oz heavier at their birth weight but I'm sure it's switched and Chantelle is 1 lb 6 oz heavier if not more! (I have my 6 week check up today [yes i planned it as early as possible aka at 5 weeks 4 days aka on Chase's bday.] so I will scurry over and place Capri on the scale real quick to see how much she weighs). Anywho, Chantelle is a super baby and also finally catching up to Capri with her hair. Ok that's a little too generous of a statement. But yeah. It's impossible not to compare these babies since they are so close in age. We love them so much and love to see them grow together! 

"uhhh i don't like where this is going.... and yet i like to be nakey."

getting their hats to stay on was a challenge and they aren't too upset yet (and let's be honest- capri was definitely more anti than chan)
Mom! Dad! Stop! It's cold!!

Hmmm.... maybe if we calm them down, take their head contraptions off, and switch them in their pumpkins it will work better......
not bad. this may work.
 nope. bad idea.... again. 

hahahaha. you can't help but laugh and wanna pick her up and snuggle her. the second she was out and back in my arms, she calmed down and was all smiles. she's a trooper and we have these fantastic pics for the memories. win-win sorta :)
we love our lil pumpkin!!

and happy birthday (actual birthday) to my beloved husband!! we are so happy you are here with us and you are our husband and daddy! we love you! more birthday praises later! gotta shower while i still can! while capri and her daddy are still asleep! 

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