Tuesday, November 19, 2013

a good start

yesterday was a good start to the week. i was able to go to my girl audrey's house and watch her baby while she got a lil nap. he's three weeks old & oh what a beautiful baby he is. and i got us lunch and we started gilmore girls (audrey's first time through). and it was really a restful day surprisingly. it was great to serve and spend the day with the growing mck family. more beautiful repercussions from my mission- a friendship with audrey.

Capri was so curious (maybe jealous?) of me holding another baby. 

Capri LOVED this swing. so much in fact that her mimi and papa schroedter bought it for her yesterday for christmas :) she's napping in it right now!

 what another good lil baby we have here! love him!

 this moment caused me to consider the realistic possibility of having twins. maybe i could handle it. hahahaha! i am the baby whisperer. 
lil capri's hair has a mind of it's own. i tried to comb it down to see what would happen. the same effect as if i spike it up when she's done with her bath. once it gets heavy enough it will lay down.. hopefully. 

and the last pic. this cutie! she can pull off the pigtail look! i can't believe she will be two months old tomorrow. 

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