Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Baby monitor nightmare

I am still freaking out about the most upsetting event that happened last night at 11:07 pm. There I was getting my beautiful sleep. Chase was sleeping in the living room with his feet over the heater (totally normal. we welcome winter for this purpose.) And I was enjoying my big bed all by myself when all of a sudden I heard the sounds of a fussy baby waking up on our baby monitor. I look at my phone for the time. 11? Wow she normally sleeps from 9 pm to 4 am but c'est la vie. I was ready to go give her paci and see if she'd fall back asleep. AND THEN....... voices on my baby monitor. A man voice. Oh how sweet (i thought for a split second)- maybe Chase heard her, woke up, and tried to beat me to the punch.
Wait. That doesn't sound like my Chase.
I lay there motionless and made sure I was actually awake and this wasn't some creepy nightmare.
"Oh shh shh shh," said a man's voice. Was that Chase? Maybe. I'm still kind of out of it. Maybe my ears are foggy.
"Come in here honey," said the man. What?
High pitched girly voice, "Oh well don't we just have the sweetest baby. Did you have a good sleep? Hi baby."
and the baby is just coo'ing and oooh'ing now.
and my mind started freakin' out! Ciara had mentioned sleeping over. Maybe she got here once I was asleep- was that her voice? it didn't sound like her. Did Taryn and Taylor come back over? I know it's weird but it kind of  sounded like one of Chase's Chuck co-workers named Sophia who I love and I did consider for half a second that maybe she had an itch to come see our baby. Maybe? Late at night? 11 isn't that late to some people? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!
I bust into the living room and whisper shout (bc I didn't want to spook the strangers in the baby's room.) "CHASE! THERE IS SOMEONE IN THE BABY'S ROOM."
He mumbles & is out of it. He obvy didn't hear me.
I've never seen him move so fast. He bolts to our room, grabs our baseball bat, and busts down the baby's door. And not a soul in sight. He looks in the closet, behind the door.... no one. And our little girl is all wrapped up, sleeping, and not making a noise. She's passed out in her bed & enjoying her sweet dreams......... and i kept hearing the voices.
Ope....... It turns out our baby monitor was on "Y" setting instead of "X" and we were picking up our neighbors' monitor frequency.
Oh the relief! And it's a good thing she didn't actually get upset from 9-11 bc I wouldn't have heard her! And those voices!!! Oh my! Thank heavens they weren't  in our little girl's room! (i think i jumped to conclusions so quickly bc i just finished the elizabeth smart book. a lil girl being kidnapped from her room. it happens.)
Luckily, Capri didn't wake up and kept sleeping her lovely sleeping routine. But as for her mother- I sat in bed for a good while so shaken up! Chase was soooo tired, but sat with me for a while and helped me calm down. I cannot describe the sick feeling. Now that it's morning and I'm awake- I feel so silly but it was sooo real.

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