Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Capri's baby blessing weekend

Our little girl was blessed on Sunday and it was such a blessing!

Picture this: they announce the Anderson blessing and about 17 men get up and make their way to the front. OPE! and 2 even turned to go sit back down bc they saw the traffic jam. the circle made it work and capri was quiet and content as her father relayed a sweet sweet priesthood blessing upon her. what a special day! she really did look like an angel in the beautiful blessing dress her grandma anderson made her! 

she has so much family that loves her and i'm so glad so many could be there on Sunday!

 even though the dress was beautiful, she could only take so much of the frill, itch, and poof! what a trooper though!

Thanks to all those who could make it! Some of Capri's loved ones enjoying lunch afterwards (p.s. thanks taryn and taylor for opening up your soon-to-be newlywed apt for the lunch. nice and spacious & thanks to all those who brought food and helped out):

It's been great having my Texas fam here in town! We are enjoying our time in Roosevelt right now with the extended family. Chase is seeing Catching Fire with Grant and his friends right now bc earlier the others (me included- hello Peeta (who i favor) even if Gayle is nicer to look at!) went to the earlier showing. anywho. we took turns watching Capri! prolly not the most soothing movie for a baby to sleep through- so this arrangement worked best. i should be sleeping since Capri is but once again- blogging takes precedence. Capri's uncles are loving on her so much and everyone is obsessed with holding her and taking care of her (even changing diapers! have at it!) i love seeing grant and cay take such good care of the babe. they will be great dads one day! 
and i'm happy capri could finally meet her pappa. he's such a good grandpa!

and two random quirky pics.
cay playing xbox in a box. strange duck that one.
had a vision of a good family photo opp. fail! and don't worry- cay was laying behind us supporting capri for safety reasons of course! hilarious!

this is our little cookie and we are so glad she brought the family together for this thanksgiving week! party on!

p.s. we had/have A LOT of decisions to make this month. 
will my dad buy that house in orem? 
will chase sell this summer? 
will we get the storage unit property management position?
the last one is the one i really wanna talk about! remember about three months ago i mentioned how i called about 100 storage units asking if they were hiring anyone to live on their property and manage? well three days ago- we got a voice mail about an opening!! they liked my resume and cover letter. it stuck out to them so they called us first and are seeing if we are the right fit!! we went in for interview number one with the current property managers yesterday. and the owner called me today and we set up interview number 2!!! we are so excited and very hopeful. it's a 2 bedroom apartment on site and another family also lives on site (they also have a baby and it's perfect for stay-at-home moms) and we split up the "shifts" each day and it's an amazing opportunity and an answer to prayer!! how does this work? basically you go to the office (if you're morning shift but it's not much different for the afternoon. and for us the office is literally across the hall.) and turn on the lights and set up the computer and credit card machines and do a few other things (basically 20 minutes of preparation and settling in). grab the cordless phone and go back to your apt and wait for tenants to ring the doorbell (the door to the office is locked! safe! smart! check!) or for the phone to ring. and the current property manager said she gets about 4-5 calls a shift and maybe one at the door! and also once a day you take 20-30 minutes to walk around your half of the storage units to check that they're secure and that the walkway is clean. 
oh doesn't that just sound like the perfect ticket for us? free rent and utilities plus some pay! it will save us about $1,000 a month! and chase will still work at chuck so we can save save save! we hope we get it so bad!!! it sounds amazing and the people we'll work with seem great! we'll keep you posted :) don't i always though! have a great thanksgiving- let's talk after that! roger. over and out!

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Shelby Alisa said...

Love seeing all this! Your whole family might move back to Utah? Well minus Shelbs.Oh and omg Grant is so grown up! I think the last time I saw him he looked like Caleb does now! I miss your wonderful family!