Wednesday, November 20, 2013

funny char

yesterday, chase had a dentist appointment up in murray so i spent the afternoon at my in-laws. and somehow, i ended up watching three children by my lonesome. it was hilarious bc charlotte is a talker and a funny talker at that!

so ciara went to vent to a friend. bryton was at work. chase was at the dentists. and julie rushed off to make it to sonic's happy hour (79 cent drinks. can't beat it). 
and this is the conversation between me and charlotte as i was keeping the two babies sleeping/ fed/ happy and stressed about these three chillens:

Me: Are you going to name your baby Cinderella?
Charlotte: Yes. My mommy and daddy don't like that name. They said a baby poops a lot and Cinderella doesn't poop a lot so a baby can't be named Cinderella. I think they don't have a sense of humor. (hahahahah) & (i asked Kina and that conversation never happened.)
Me: Well, that's okay bc now you can name your baby Cinderella.
Charlotte: Well, yeah. Daddy doesn't like Cinderella. He doesn't like games. But he likes hunting deer. The doggy eats bones. My mommy likes picking flowers. 

hahaha! a child's mind and simplicity is fantastic.

I get off the phone with Chase and it seemed like Charlotte was just eating her corn flakes but she was actually listening to my convo with Chase bc Ciara walked in the door a few minutes later and this is that convo: 
Ciara: Where is everyone?
Charlotte: They're gone. Grandma went to get me a strawberry drink. and Marissa is left here with four freakin' children (it was actually three) and lots of dogs. 

hahahahaha! She's a crack up. I need to be a good example and use my influence for the positive! Love her!
And she loves her baby. 
Char: I have a baby and you have a baby.

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Kina Lambert-Anderson said...

Too cute! I need to be better about writing down the funny things she says. She's lucky to have such an amazing Aunt. Love you!