Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy aka Horrifying Halloween

Yesterday was a fantastic Halloween. 
Because it is Chase's favorite holiday, it has also become one of mine. I look forward to the costumes, scary movies, haunted houses, trick or treating, etc!! And last night, we actually were able to participate in a long standing Anderson tradition. Dave would scare children when Chase was a tiny tot and now Chad has taken it to a whole new level. 

hahahahahah. the true spirit of Halloween.

Parents were high-fiving Chad once their kids were crying or screaming down the street in horror. I'm surprised there weren't some offended mothers. Hahahaha. 
And it's officially 2 for 2. Last year Chad made a little girl (probably 5 or 6) pee her pants. He had jumped out of the garage with his chain saw and she had booked it down the driveway, stopped on the sidewalk, squatted, and soiled her costume! And this year a 14 year-old girl was the victim! Her dad specifically came out of the van and congratulated Chad. bahahaha. 
I was trying to explain this holiday to my Korean students and it was quite difficult. We, Americans, have a twisted sense of humor! 

Next year I am going to be on an operating table and Chase will be killing me. I have a gut wrenching scream! And we're going to help Chad make it go in the backyard and be a whole circus of crazy bc a couple of Chad's friends and more relatives want to be apart of the scene! This house has quite the reputation! 

Some great quotes from the night:
"No! I won't. I hate that house, Dad! I really hate it! I hate that house." said a cute little boy running down the street.
"No, I can get candy somewhere else." said a group of kids on the corner. 
"It's not worth it!" a teenage girl screams.
(and the Andersons do have a merciful side- they would walk the candy out to the kids if they couldn't make it up the driveway.)

More quotes:
Later in the night Chase answered the door and a lil kid said, "I have diabetes. A fun dip is too much. Do you have any chocolate back there?" hahaha then Chase proceeded to search the house and steal Charlotte's kit kat and give it to the trick or treater. Manipulation at its finest. 
Again Chase answered the door and saw two cute firefighters and he tells them "Go fight fires!" and they replied all concerned, "We're just little boys." 

It was a hilarious night and I could have sat across the street watching the spectacle all day. And if I wasn't concerned about Capri being in the cold- I would have! She seemed to enjoy her sleep though [and I kept kissing her nose to make sure she was warm- smart thinking since her nose was the only body part showing and my hands were too cold to tell]
The bystanders enjoying the terror.
This was after Charlotte made it down two whole streets! Quite an accomplishment for Belle who is wearing high heels. 

Two cute Anderson girls. Oh THREE actually- i forgot about myself. 
Capri was in a warm outfit in a coat in a blanket with a hat in an even bigger blanket! Voila! 

Chad in his element on his favorite night of the year!

 Dave guarding the candy! It was quite a long journey to get the candy. Only the brave made it. 
Chase was hiding in the garage and definitely the biggest shock and scare factor! Oh my I'm excited for the videos we'll capture next year!

 The Halloween crew!
Chad, Dave, Chase.


Taryn said...

i'm so sad we didn't come! this looked like a blast! i want to be apart of the crazies next year! please please please!

Cyndi McConnell said...

That is so awesome!! Haha