Saturday, November 16, 2013

holly jolly christmas!

it's the month of thanksgiving and i am grateful for christmas. when it is thanksgiving week, i'll be all about thanksgiving with my family, my in-laws, my schroedter family, my ross family! but for now- i'm going to show you how my house has been overrun by christmas! a couple people have joined in with the christmas decor on my street as well. normality :) i have made a few christmas decorations since chase and i have been married. here are those gems:
 we have the 25 days of christmas ornament felt craft. the binder of 25 days of christmas (song, scripture, christmas story) and the nativity oh holy night!
 and the snowflakes, snowman, and stockings. 
my mom is making capri one and bringing it up next week. we love grandma schroedter. 

and we also love grandma anderson. she treats us so well:
along with these christmas decorations (which were all donated by grandma anderson aka julie! she used to own a craft store- i wish i coulda seen it! and she is quite the crafter herself. hence! so generous! makes me a better homemaker. well makes me look like a better homemaker bc i obvy didn't make these. and she prolly saved me over $600 while still filling my home with the christmas feeling) so all of these and she also gave us this tree ( i need more ornaments but that will come over the years and i need a star but i'll get that with a joann's coupon. and she made that christmas tree skirt when her and dave were first married. how tender to now have it in our home.) and this precious reindeer that i'm going to put presents in next to the tree. 

ahhh i know this isn't the meaning of christmas but don't you just love it! the family, the traditions, the music, the decor, the love, the childhood memories, the giddy hearts, and the gratitude the whole world seems to partake in. 
i really feel that the spirit of Christ touches all- even those that don't know the source of this spirit. the spirit of Christmas is powerful!

and the weekend is half way through and it's been a good one. thursday with lauryn, friday with kelly and becca. today full of errands and cody's birthday celebration. and i officially am no longer an employer worker. i'm a full-time stay-at-home mom and it feels so good! 

and a not so christmas aspect of the house- but it's new and i love it more than the christmas pleasantries for sure!!

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Kerri Andersen said...

so cute! and i love the pictures of capri!! :) we should make a christmas wreath or some other craft together soon...maybe next weekend!!