Sunday, December 1, 2013

fast sunday

so today was fast sunday (i forgot! classic. but i'm nursing so i'm not expected to fast anyways. and with my uc i haven't fasted in the past four years anyways. i should try again. once the nursing and pregnancies stops.... ok tangent. back to the topic at hand.) anyways. i wasn't going to go up to bear my testimony because i went up last month. and chase had to work so i was at church by myself. and then i hit capri's head on the bench when i was trying to rock her to sleep and her fussiness escalated for the rest of the sacrament meeting (yeah many people saw me book it out of there. great timing= when the brethren were just standing up to approach the sacrament table after the first prayer on the bread. and i was on the row behind them. nice! and it's nice that i'm more concerned with the fact that others were watching me then my screaming child and her pain. another classic.
when i came back, my friend behind me said it's all good bc her son rolled off the bed when he was a baby. hahaha. and her son used to be in my primary class and he is the sweetest. so i believe her. ok done with tangent #2) so towards the end of the meeting i was really feeling inspired to get up, but it was already going over on time so i told myself i'd share my thoughts in primary. but then i wanted to talk about hitting a deer and thought that might scar the children. so i am now sharing it on this blog.
We went out to Roosevelt for thanksgiving (well the two days before) and chase had to work a double on thanksgiving and had to be at work early. hence we decided to drive back the night before (in the dark.) so he could get as much sleep as possible. we left my uncle's, packed up our stuff at my grandma's, and started driving. then we pulled over still in the neighborhood because we remembered we needed to pray for a safe journey. after the prayer, i felt a lot better about driving and felt the Spirit in our car. we had a nice drive talking and capri slept the whole time- what an angel. we are about half an hour outside of provo and in the city of heber, when i see a deer on the other side of the road hopping along. i shout "chase a deer!" and he hits the breaks. we get down to about 30 miles per hour and this (dumb [not very spiritual i know but this deer is thick]) deer hops along our car for a few strides and then jumps right in front of our car. it was all in a matter of five seconds with chase shouting some vulgarity (again- not spiritual) AND YET- it was a super spiritual experience for me. i saw the deer beforehand (which was a miracle in itself with the dark night with no moon) and that gave us a chance to slow way down. and chase handled his driving so calmly and perfectly and i know he was calmed by the Spirit. (i'm glad he was driving bc if i was driving i'm sure i would have panicked and over corrected or damaged us more) and the deer seriously barely hit us (even though it was a fully grown mamma deer). it broke our grill and flew to the side denting the side of our car and that was that (i'm talking to the insurance and going to the dealership tomorrow. chase's uncle is our insurance guy so we'v talked some already.) i'm so grateful it didn't come through our windshield. i'm so grateful we are all safe and capri slept through the whole thing. it was one of those special moments in my life when I KNOW angels were with us and guiding us. i should probably be more annoyed with the damage and hassle but it's so minor and i'm so grateful for the safety that we did receive, the witness of angels, and how this nasty accident turned into a spiritual experience.

Charles H. Spurgeon
“The Lord's mercy often rides to the door of our heart upon the black horse of affliction.”
― Charles H. Spurgeon

Amen to this guy! Black horse. Brown deer. Potato. Potato. 
p.s. when i googled "blessings and trials", President Monson was quoted most in this secular google world. People recognize good fruit from a real prophet whether they see him that way or not. 
i.e. my friend (definitely not mormon) is always instagramming quotes from the prophets on monday mornings for her pick me ups. WORD! (tangent #3 over)

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