Wednesday, December 18, 2013

sick baby C

I have a sick baby on my hands and it's torturous. I just put her down next to me on the bed with oodles of cuddly blankets on her! Take it easy- I'm sitting right here and can see her! 
But oh a little baby being sick! Rough! It isn't the worst kind of bad because she is still always smiling and sleeping pretty well, but she has a blocked nose and pathetic little cough. The cough started two days ago and I thought she was learning how to fake cough or something as she explored her vocal chords. I even sent my mom, dad, and sister a video of her weird fake coughing. 
But then the runny nose came and the pug dog breathing problems started. And when she sneezes- she sure clears out those pipes. Lovely. 
I texted my fam and asked them for their prayers for her little sickness and when I explained her silly breathing noise, they all referenced Lauryn's late dog, Pickles. You could hear that dog breathe across the yard. Childhood summer memories. 
Anywho- I hate to see her sick but I count my blessings bc it doesn't seem to be getting worse and she doesn't seem to bothered by it. Keep the humidifier, vapor rub, and baby tylenol (right before bedtime) comin'!!
What an angel. 

And all is going well here with week three of the job. 

I've also found and purchased my bridesmaid dress for T&T's wedding so that's lovely. Thank you Kerri and Jane for letting me drag you around the mall with my indecisiveness :)

Lauryn (the one with the dog Lauryn) came for a visit yesterday while I was working. The perks of my job. Not a single phone call or doorbell ring the whole time she was there. The whole morning really! Thanks for coming down Laur! We don't see her enough! but we love her oodles. and I think Capri's happy demeanor may push her to pop one out sooner than later ;) eh eh! no rush though. don't let others pressure you- this mothering thing ain't no hobby or weekend activity!

Chase and I will be doing the last of our family Christmas shopping tomorrow and I believe he's finishing all his last minute projects and finals today! Looks like relaxation and date nights are in our future!! 

We had dinner at our friend Ee's yesterday (his name is Ee Chien Chua. it's memorable!) and he is the best cook and I got take home food!! He and his roommate were hilarious and we had so much fun laughing all night while poor Capri just wanted to go to bed in her crib! but she just sat there in a daze and impressing everyone with her quietness. I want to make cooking a hobby like he has done over the past few years! Serious skill! 

Oh also I got my hair did yesterday! I told Michelle to go blonde blonde blonde! and she took that to heart! she did a great job (when I don't look at it attached to my face!) haha. but really. even in the past 24 hours it's grown on me. the hair looks great. does it look great with my face? the jury is still out! i'm liking it more and more and glad i had the courage just to see what it'd look like. perfect for timeless wedding pics that the fam will always look at! hahah. 
i'm so glad I found Michelle bc she really knows how to do hair! and she's awesome! and she lives by my in-laws so they watch Capri while I'm over there!  

Well all is well and I will leave you with pictures of my happy day:
 she likes to snuggle in our bed when she wakes up in the morning
 these two! you gotta admit that this is one cute pic!
the blonde that Capri apparently likes!
 haha but really Chase was standing over her making her laugh! 
Our happy little blue bird! (what movie?)

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