Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Storage Unit Manager

Yesterday at around 4 pm I was offered the manager position for a storage unit property here in Provo!
This was a serious answer to prayer! It came right when it was decision time for us and I feel so welcome at this new home already.
I started training yesterday and will train for about a week.
Then we will move in. So I'm guessing this weekend or Monday or Tuesday we will move in.
We already sold all the furniture we need to (this place is smaller so we need to downsize- which chase is thrilled about bc he loves to declutter) and i want some new furniture anyways :)!!!
We still have a lot to move even with selling half our furniture, but luckily we get a storage unit for free, too! it will be awesome once we're settled in and living this new chapter fully.
It's crazy with Christmas 3 weeks away, finals for Chase, and T&T's wedding in Houston but we welcome the chaos! and we'll still focus on this important time of year for our Savior. oh so many blessings.
well i'm keeping this one short and to the point- i'm listening to some training mp3 tracks on itunes before tomorrow's work day with my co-manager and regional manager. and i'm tired so i need to catch some zzzz's asap. ok over and out.

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