Friday, December 13, 2013

this new chapter

We are officially all moved in :) and i just got home from deep cleaning our old place! we get half our month's rent back! holla! and thank you T&T for all your help with the cleaning and moving and babysitting this whole week!! Couldn't do it (as easily) without the family we have close by. 
It's tough work moving with a 2 month old! but it was worth it. 
I have been working by myself on my shifts with Dee just a flight of stairs away- but I haven't needed to run and get her bc she trained me so well and this job is a well-oiled machine. I'm really enjoying it and loving our new little home. It's exciting to unpack and have a fresh new start with all your old things! It's a new kind of home- i've done it all growing up. new house, same household items. it's a cool feeling! 
we still need to get 2 bedroom dressers, a baby dresser, and a couch so i'll spare you house pics because it's kinda cray cray. we'll get on that when we get back from texas in january. we'll take our time! and we had a little set back with fixing the deer-damaged car! but we'll get there ;) money saving is in our future with this new gig anywho! and the car looks brand spanking new!! what a blessing!
ok back to this new chapter. a few pics of my fav parts of the house so far.
a pop of color makes it home

dryer and washer in different rooms...... makes it hard with nap time (washer in the baby's room) but first world problems right? 

the kitchen and living room is one room but i've come to like it. and you can see the corner of my makeshift couch for the tv.

and i caught capri watching tv.... sneaky baby. her hair is still out of control and chase made the comment that it looks like the volume is making her hair stand on end. hahah
she's getting to like her bumbo a little more these days. we're working on it :) please excuse my baby voice in this precious vid. 

here is a view from the office chair to my ap't. you can see my front door through that side window. the christmas tree is barely visible. that's my ap't. shortest commute ever :)

Chase brought this icicle in from outside. Insane! 
And this morning I did the daily lock checks (Chase normally does but he was extra busy with finals) and it was colddddd and I found more cool icicles. 
[Classic girlie pic. takes a pic of herself when trying to "show the scenery" (or wtv she is trying to advertise) ]

Well everything is great here. It's good to be moved out and moved in and enjoying life again. Moving was stressful and didn't bring out the best of myself or Chase. 
My sister told me this when she moved across the country this summer but now i believe it. i have one less baby then her and only moved 9 blocks. but i still felt the stress! 
this next quote is interesting. i don't think it will take us 2 years to adjust (bc this already feels like home) and we both make friends quick and live close to our old ones still- but it's still an interesting pretty true quote:

"The stress caused by relocating is 2nd only to the death of a loved one. And like dealing with a death, it takes about 2 years before a family fully recuperates and begins to feel at home in their new location. This is true even when you have only moved a few blocks, but the stress a family experiences can be exacerbated by factors such as financial difficulties, starting a new job, children starting in new schools, and leaving friends and family behind. "

Alright moving on. We had the Anderson Christmas party and it was a blast. We played the "amazing race" type challenges and had delicious food and a great present swap and got to see all the babies and adults!
 our little reindeer

and aunt ciara made these outfits for her nieces. 

she's talking a lot these days. bless her heart if she's a mini me!!! again with the baby voices :) apologies:

And some last minute pics that warm my heart:
 Can't wait to see these cuties in 1 week and 6 days! and grant and garr and cay and dad and etc!!

 Chase is really into snapchat these days. hahahah capturing this pic is epic! going in her baby book for sure :)

I'm so happy to be in my new home blogging, watching grey's, and eating my toaster strudel with my husband and baby sleeping in their beds having sweet dreams about me i'm sure :) it's a very merry christmas time here in the anderson home! merry christmas to all and to all a good night. 


Mom said...

I love it all. Love her talking!!

Kerri Andersen said...

her hair is just hilarious. i didn't actually know you were moving so soon, i wish i could've helped. maybe i can come over tomorrow and help you organize some things.