Friday, December 6, 2013


I'm sitting at my new job! I'd be in my apt but we haven't moved anything in yet- that will be a job for this weekend and next week..... so I'm at the desk! Training went so well this week and this job is a great fit for our family and me since I'm the main employee for our family. Chase will learn everything but it's mostly on me since he has his chuck job and school. The office and grounds are quiet, Capri is sleeping in her swing, and this prayer of gratitude in my heart is huge.
And I'm texting Kelly and she paid me a nice compliment about how I'm an awesome mom with so much going on and it reminded me of my not-so-good but hilarious mom moments this week that luckily turned out okay.
The other on-site manager family is awesome. They have a little boy who is four and he is so cute and sweet. He LOVES Capri and is also very curious about her. Which is good because his mom is prego so he can get all his mistakes and learning done with Capri before his new sibling comes. Hahah a good thing and a bad thing. My first day of training he asked Chase if Capri would like some popcorn. So chase warned me to keep a close eye on Capri when Kal was around. The next day me and Dee (his mother) were seeing if they finished painting and cleaning the carpets of my new apt. We came back to the office and Kal had found my trail mix. He said, "the baby was hungry!" I scurry over there and find an M-n-M in Capris mouth!!!!!! Oh my word! I started cracking up though! (Because everything was okay- let's be honest.) Dee sat him down and talked with him about how babies only drink milk and only her mommy can feed her that milk! Important clarification needed! then about an hour later I'm holding Capri but I see him over SITTING in her swing!!!!! Yah we don't wanna have to replace that expensive swing! Hahah. And just now he came downstairs (where Capri was asleep in her swing) and started tickling her. Hahaha she woke up with a jolt but once I asked him to stop- she went right back to sleep thankfully! Hahahaha even though it's a lil more stress to watch those two interact- I love how cute they are and how much Kal loves her! kids are awesome It's all new to him so his obsession might wear out but we'll see.
And I can promise you their will be some funny stories of the tenants as well- small glimpse: we had a divorce on our hands and the husband and wife got separate storage units. the couple broke into each other's units, the husband broke into the wife's cars, the husband stole the wife's gate access code, the wife pepper sprayed the husband, etc (most of this not on our property but they told us all of their personal problems!) luckily the husband decided to find a different storage facility two days ago so the drama should be nonexistent now!!
I'm glad with all that's going on this week (new job, training, packing, moving, weather, mothering, chase's finals, his job, my calling, etc) that there have been some good laughs!!
this lil girl has been an angel all week while i've been getting trained!
she sure knows how to make a good first impression!

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