Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Crazy that today is the last day of the year!
I'm not sad to see 2014 go. It has been the HARDEST year for me. Emotionally, physically, relationshiply, spiritually, etc.
However, with all the hardships, there have been even more blessings, lessons learned, and growth! Crazy growth!
I am so grateful for all those that have been there for me (truly been there. you don't know what your visits, texts, calls, friendship, and prayers have meant to me! Like I always say, "What a blessing!") for the highs and lows!

Motherhood learnings
Memorable adventures
Heartbreak and hearthealings
Improving my relationship with God
Long talks with girlfriends
Church callings and church insights
Tons of kisses
Sending off missionaries
Family funerals
Lots of laughs and tears
Making new friends
Visits from old friends
Anniversary get aways
God-intervening moments
Love letters and romance
Doctor visits, hormones, and miscarriages
Eating out and hanging out
Game nights galore
Trips to the temple
Camping in the mountains
Learning what it means to love and serve
Rollercoasters and lazy rivers
Family reunions
Trips across the country
Birthdays and holidays

Hopefully I can take all I've learned and loved, and embrace what life and God has in store for me in 2015!

It's so crazy to look back on a whole year! 365 days! 525,949 minutes! 31,560,000 seconds (that actually seems low to me). But anywho! All of that time represented by 27 photos!

winter fun!

We had a beautiful Christmas week.

We went to Chase's grandparents Christmas Eve. We had great food, presents, and company. I especially loved when Chase, Bryton, and I sang "I Heard Him Come." I was so happy that Chase suggested the musical number and we followed through with his idea! It was amazing to feel the Spirit of Christ(mas).
We had a lovely massive blizzard on Christmas day and were snowed in at my in-laws and it was perfect! No where to go! Hot tubbin in the blizzard and playing out in the snow!

Capri wasn't so sure about the snow and sledding and what not at first. But after forcing her to participate one or two times, she now is a fan! I don't know how to manufacture brave kids. I was always kind of a scaredy cat growing up with rollercoasters and slides and what not (just ask Lauryn.... or Caleb....) and I wanna prevent that in Capri. Make them try every scary ride or activity once? Idk!

This Christmas was a great one with family and my testimony of the Christ child is burning bright.
I'm kinda looking forward to a couple months of life slowing down and enjoying these freezing days with a little bit of cabin fever. I need to catch my breath after all the hustle and bustle of one holiday followed by another and another.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holly Jolly

I cannot believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve! My friend told me that makes today Christmas Adam (I thought that was pretty funny! Adam came before Eve :)!!!)

We've been hard at work and hard at play.
I've been loving the holiday season, the talks on His birth, the outings, and the time with family.

Ok honestly- I'm trying to watch Nashville (the show i'm most recently hooked on) and blog at the same time. Something's got to give! I'll make this quick then :)

coloring with my smoochie poo

a temple date this morning with becca.
it was the perfect day. 

i'm not surprised. 
she is not fond of men. 
she dislikes facial hair.
thus, she was terrified.

the Anderson Christmas party.
another successful annual time!

smiles and weirdos. i think i win the second pic!

we had an ugly sweater contest. and of course bryton won with his uncle butch sweater. it was very hilarious. 

a little denny's fun

that's her friend, dora


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

9 days till Christmas!

And a lot of Christmas cheer is being sung loud for all to hear!
We've been having a ball here in the valley and this warm Christmas still feels as cozy and festive as ever!

Temple Square with friends and family (notice how awesome Kristy's camera takes pics compared to the good ole cell phone!) 

A little trax adventure
Capri cracks me up in this pic so i had to include it :)

and the night was complete finding dani! finally! i know how hard it is to track these sisters down! i caught a glimpse of steenhoeek too! 
sis. wardinsky was absolutely in her element as a sister on the square. she was so comfortable, so herself, and had a powerful presence. it was awesome and a little nostalgic to see her beaming and laughing! i'm so excited for her next 18 months. it's the perfect time of year to start your mission on temple square! 

more Christmas songs and stories!

look at that beautiful sunset out our front window with Timp!

my two loves!

being trained young to scratch daddy's head and tickle his back! she is getting good and knows what she wants!

and we were able to go to the Christmas concert with Dave & Julie! It was an amazing night and the performance was one of my favorites so far! Prince Hahn and the Sesame muppets surprised me with their wit and entertainment!

such a great grandma and smart grandbaby

Thank you Cody for these TREATS!! Capri had the Chase hairstyle a year ago!

I was babysitting my nieces today again. Video overload of course!
the younger generation becoming acquainted with a classic

Capri bothering Chantelle by laying on her blanket. That lil instigator! She knows what she's doing. 

Again! But don't worry Chantelle can hold her own!