Friday, January 3, 2014

a week in Texas

We had a blast in Texas! It was a crazy full house but a fun one! Having neices and nephews gets loud and it's only going to get worse/better (at the same time) for the next 10-15 years I suppose! 

On Saturday we definitely just relaxed ALL DAY! And at night we barbecued, hottubbed, and played games. Had to unwind from the busy wedding day!

On Sunday we enjoyed the Sabbath and of course didn't miss this photo op! Look at those Schroedter grandchildren and with their Papa! Oh it melts my little heart!

Monday we went to the Schlitterbahn (the indoor winter part!) it was still cold but a lot of fun! 
Uncle Chase taking care of Aubrey's complaints of the cold while we waited for our tickets! Adorable!
we went with the Fairwells and I just love them. In fact, I shall text Ashley and see what she's up to this weekend!

p.s. i'm having post baby body images lately but i try to embrace it and still post pics! i know this little one sleeping next to me is worth it and still need to give myself more time.
what better time than the present to count those calories and be more active! esp since i'm not nursing anymore (thanks mastitis for dwindling my milk supply. good thing capri likes formula and it settles well with her.) anywho, it's a new year so i'm thinking 5 more baby lbs and then 15 more lbs just for good measure and prepping for the next babe! My goal is 20 lbs by June 1. It's doable esp since the husb plans on 60 lbs by June 1st. Wish us luck and pray for our endurance. I think I can. I think I can. Charts are being made and a calorie sheet of our most common foods is displayed.
ok back to our texas trip. digression.

early mornings with the babes! There is no sleeping in when you're all packed into Gma and Gpa's and the little ones wake up at the crack of dawn and forget their inside voices! but it was so cute and fun, we didn't care! and i can say that bc i was one of the moms up with those babies. hahaha. 

these two cousins were such big helpers with the babe!

Millie and Aubrey are the best of friends and yet also good ole frenemies. They were so cute when they played together but there was just as much tattling and tears bc Schroedter girls are competitive! Hence they both needed me to hold them at the same time! I love these neices of mine! 

Tuesday we went to Logan's for dinner, had more game fun, and went to a NYE party at the Morris's. Fun stuff! So fun I forgot to take pics. 
But I did have my phone in my back pocket and I forgot about it when I went to the bathroom. As I pulled my pants up, there goes my phone down.... into the unflushed toilet. LOVELY! I was horrified (mainly bc all the trip's pics were lost.) It went into a bag of rice for 24 hours and it hasn't skipped a beat since. well except for when i was texting Kell and went to charge it and a jammed piece of rice was stuck in the charging hole and it took forever for me to wedge it out without damaging the phone! oh i 'm so happy it's working. Miracle!

Wednesday we recovered from NYE and enjoyed day one of 2014.
I seriously love Sing star and Dance dance on the Xbox kinect. It's a fav to do with the fam all around and laughing at our efforts and singing and dancing along! I'm debating adding a kinect to our xbox here in Utah bc it would help me lose that weight and have fun while doing it!! 

I went upstairs for a second and when I came back my sister had gotten a hold of my daughter and tortured her. She was dying to do something with her hair and Capri didn't appreciate the TIGHT pigtails. But she still looked adorable (and almost unrecognizable w/o her signature Turk hair!) and then her post hair do...... she is looking like the mayor from the Grinch. Hilarious.

we bribed Caleb (11 yrs old) to take this pic at Target. Classic Marissa and Chase. Immature and Random! We love it!

Thursday more games. Our flight was delayed two hours (luckily we found out when we were still at my parent's). And then back to Utah.
It's good to be home!! I loved having all the family together! It's such a treat and I love and miss them so much! 
Oh freak nasty it's 5:38 and I have to close the Storage Unit! Back at my job and still able to blog and relax. This is the life. 

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