Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Eve

This year we spent Christmas Eve with my in-laws and Christmas day with them as well! It was glorious. It brought me back to the last Christmas with them when Chase stepped off that plane & we were just beginning to date again and everything was so magical! Now we are beginning to be parents and it has a magic all of its own! Christmas is such a loving time and helps me remember why I'm Mormon and who this life is all about. Oh Christmas. I miss you already. 

The Andersons go to Gma and Gpa Pearsons on Christmas Eve! There is the feast of all feasts, present swapping, laughs, and games! 

Julie made matching outfits for her granddaughters and this is Capri sporting hers!
 our little Christmas elf. 
She has found her hands as of late. I try to remove them from her mouth whenever I can but c'est la vie de Capri! and they are constantly drooled on- so watch out!

Off to the party! She's really great at smiling nowadays but in this photo she was putting up a fight. Hahah I love this face almost more than a smiling one! Hilarious, unimpressed baby!

Ciara with her loves!
And poor Capri's boots had paper stuck in the toes the whole night and here I was just trying to shove 'em on over and over again & getting frustrated that they kept falling off. Mom of the year award! 

 As you can see Gma Pearson made matching pajamas for her single grandbabies and great grandbabies! Just a collage of rainbow animal print. My fav!

Christmas season can be hard on some!! 
How they slept through our loud, competitive game playing beats me!

Gma and Gpa Julie with their granddaughters. 
We missed Preston and the Vegas fam. 

 Chad and Kina and their family of four!

 love this crew.
I'm grateful for the Christmas season to help us have the light of Christ in our lives even brighter! 
I fell asleep that night reading Luke 2 and anticipating Christmas morning!!

We slept at Dave and Julie's on Christmas Eve and when they returned from Chad and Kina's after watching Char open her presents in the morning, we had a breakfeast and some present opening of our own! 
Chase received a "Ghost Tour" present from Chad and Kina and he couldn't have been more thrilled. Just what my scary seeking husband would enjoy! I'll pass. He can go with Chad. I'd like to say I'd enjoy it but really I'd run back to the car and sit in their till the tours were over.
We also received gift cards to go out to eat to our favorite restaurants from mom and dad-in-law! It's the perfect gift for our budget dates and frugal food shopping! Holla! aka Merry Christmas! aka Grazzi!

We went four wheeling (with a sled pulled on the back) after some naps. and Charlotte found reindeer poop in the backyard! Chad and I took a turn in the back of the sled. We had a blast! There were man-made bumps, trees (Chad and Bryton went head on into one when they took a turn together), and acres to enjoy! We really caught some air (thanks to our anti-cautious driver Chase) and we are luck to be alive. And because I can live to tell the tale, I look back with thrilling enjoyment instead of horror! It was awesome! 

We played some new games, went hot tubbing, and had a lot of fun! It was a successful year of family, love, gratitude, and the birth of Christ celebrated!
We didn't stay up too late bc early that next morning, my little Anderson family of 3 caught an early morning flight to Texas! Cue next post! 

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