Monday, January 20, 2014

Iphone assumptions

I have no clever stories or tales to tell. I just have a bunch of pic from my iphones. So here are some things you can assume of my last week from my iphone pic overload.

I made this last week. T&T came over and enjoyed. Tonight they just brought it over to me for din din! Delicious!

This beautiful lady, Mary, had her second son on Friday! Lil Roman!! You forget how small newborns are! What a miracle!

 This lil one always wakes up so happy! and sometimes sweaty! Her room is the hottest in the house. It's actually great for these cold winters! Anywho. I put her in a velcro swaddle at night and when I get her in the morning, I unvelcro her and she stretches like crazy and smiles so big!! Who wouldn't be elated when they receive their freedom? After her shots on Thursday, (AHHH. i don't want to disturb her routine until she adjusts and gets over her fever and shot pain. my mom said shots are harder on the mammas than the babies and i believe it!) I'm gonna work on taking one arm out and then the other from the swaddle. 

Speaking of her shots, she is having them bc it's her 4 month appointment. 
Because she turned four months yesterday!! 
Oh crap she is crying! She should stay asleep. She didn't drink much during her bedtime routine- let me go stick a bottle in her mouth. brb.

She's finally growing up where she can play and enjoy her exersaucer and her jumper!!! 

Her hair is doing better at laying down... when it's wet.
And she is studying PMG with her mother and preparing for her mish in 18 yrs and 8 months. 
Actually, uncle grant is working on his papers and we are so eager to find out where he's going to be called!

She enjoys all of mommy and daddy's love and attention.
the first child has life so good!! hopefully we love our other children as much.

her daddy is obsessed with overalls for some reason and she's the only girl in his life that will rock them just for him! lookin fresh!

and daddy let's mommy sleep in on sundays and she spends some quality time snap chattin and preparing for church with him.

and her mommy takes way to many pics of her and she can't do anything to stop her. 
well like i said, these pics have no purpose but i can't help but share. 
i'm eager to see her weight and height and all those percentiles later this week :)

Chase and I are looking into buying new, legit, grown-up couch furniture. we love this recliner/ love seat sofa combo but it will take us months to save up for it so we're being patient. i will continue to sit on the ground or my rocking chair.

 chase's favorite wedding present we received: the head scratcher. the bane of my existence.
he'll kill me for posting this pic and yet he posed for it so what does he expect :) he knows i have a blog addiction problem!

 dad sent me this throwback pic in a text. i'm missing my texas time. this was right before we headed to the airport to leave our beloved family. we sure are a growing good lookin bunch! some people have to make a living-josh. some people are photography happy- dad. some people nap- andrew. wait. where's caleb? classic. 

 my time with kelly is always so cherished and important to me. she has the best stories ;) , advice, and perspective! 

 everyone is giving me a hard time about my duck face but that's just the way my lips are...... said every person giving a duckface ever. false. nobody has a sunken in nose and pursed out lips without surgery or a birth defect. 

and last but not least. this pic sums up my new goal in life. i'm trying to relax more (per my husband's request) and take stuff off my to-do list and slow down! don't mind if i do! 

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