Friday, January 24, 2014

laughs and cries

This week I've been on a cookin' kick. One of my new year's goals was that every time I go to the grocery store, I get ingredients for a new recipe and try it! Bc for me, the problem is- I get inspired with a recipe on pinterest and then look in my cupboards and I don't have what the recipe requires. Hence this planning ahead for creativity goal! And this week I made homemade bread (it was delicious but more of a bread snack and not the kind of bread you can easily make sandwiches out of. But it's still good to have and I also have 2 loaves in the freezer for later! I'm still on the hunt for sandwich type homemade bread.) and I also made chicken teriyaki and it gave Teriyaki Sticks a run for their money!! And Chase was super impressed (which is hard to do bc his mom is betty crocker. he isn't picky and eats whatever I cook- thankfully. But he LOVED this chicken teriyaki. wonderful!)
 Twisted delicious bread! Recipe here.

And another yum home run! recipe pinned on my pinterest. It's a crockpot recipe so that's always exciting for me!

In other news, me and Chase have also made the goal to spend more time together. We have limited time together with school and work and duties, so we have been setting time to just do casual things together. We don't need to get dressed up and go out every time we want to hang out (which we also made a goal of going on a date just the two of us twice a month.) 
But we have come up with activities that we can do at our house to just create more memories. I realized (when Chase shared with me) that growing up, my family did/does a lot of casual hanging out and his family does more trips and planned outings. Both are good. So we want both. 
We have been playing games (non electronical).
We have been having dares/challenges with the app QuizUp (it's awesome. except i have ended up losing a lot and having to take care of the baby all night, do the dishes, change the next poopy diaper, etc. hahahaha which really i normally do anyways so i have nothing to lose by putting it up for the challenge.) 
Going out to check on the storage units together in the golf cart.
Wrestling (which never goes well because his reach and limbs are outrageous and disproportional to mine. he usually just holds my head and i'm swinging at the air. or I fake that i'm hurt and he lightens up and SHA-WHAM!!! he has been defeated!)
we have been watching movies or documentaries together. today in between work and school we watched some of the new Mitt documentary on netflix. we still can't believe he didn't win..... oh America.
reading and singing with capri.
competing on who can make capri laugh the most.
recently we competed for who can do the ugliest dance. i think chase won with that one but he did take his top off so that's cheating. hahaha wait that sounded bad. i'm not saying he looks ugly with his top off, i'm just saying that what he did when his top was off got weird!
we've been playing charades.
we've been having competitions of who can quote one movie the most or can guess the movie quote.
chase found this cute questionnaire that couples can discuss and debate over. so that's always good for chase and i- we love to debate. i don't know how many times a month my parents or his parents or other smart people we know, get phone calls to tell us which of us is right. dad got one of those calls just last night. 
all of these things have really helped me feel more secure and help me with our hard times. sometimes when we fight, i get shortsighted and i remember the bad and i start thinking crazy. but with the everyday life being shared more- i am quick to count my blessings and see the good. I knew having a baby while he was still in school would be lonely at times- but these little memories have helped the atmosphere of our home for me and i'm just so excited for when Capri can participate more rather than just sitting in her bouncer lookin at us like we are nuts!
we are both social but also homebodies (and this has helped our home be filled with laughter, the spirit, and lots of memories.) 

wow that got lengthy.
moving on.

Chase and I went with Cody and Irie to the UVU basketball game! Thanks Vivint for the free tix and meal passes! and a real thanks to Cody, Vivint's number one employee :)
We sat right next to the drumline (and symbols) so that wasn't too great for the baby. Luckily she fell asleep. 
And Chase almost won us a free family trip to Disney Land with his paper airplane skills. But he was barely outflown. Barnacles!

Oh yeah. So we had Capri's 4 month check-up and she was doing great on her percentile curve. Still above average for her head and height. But her weight was below average which isn't a problem except for her personal curve. they just want the baby to stay on their personal curve. and her weight dipped down. She gained weight but not enough for her birth weight and 2 month check-up weight curve thingy. She doesn't seem small to me, but I'll be plumping her right up with the solids now! Rice cereal this week and then we'll add veggies next week! This is exciting for me! Welcome to my life. I think it's interesting.
I was really anxious about her shots. luckily they have multiple nurses that each hold a needle and they give her the shots at once. but her look of betrayal and hurt is torturous. and she can't breathe she is so mad at first! the screaming is over the top but then it's my job to soothe her so that's a plus! so she got through them and she was a little cranky yesterday but she doesn't even seemed phased today! So that's great.
And sidenote: I think it's adorbs how Capri looks a lot like my dad in the pic of me holding her above! She is a definite Schroedter. and we can tell Chase is the father too so no Jerry Springer for us. 

And with Chase being her father, I'd assume she'd scarf down food more but alas no. She is the slowest eater known to mankind (which is prolly her weight gain problem. but i'm patient and just keep that bottle in until she drinks what I deem sufficient. her prob is that she becomes distracted so easily)
and she isn't sure about solids yet but we'll get there. She was okay with them yesterday (while skyping grandma, cay, and millie) but today when I gave her more rice cereal she was spitting it out and screaming. but i got her to swallow anyways! lovely!
Day one. Success!

Not horrible but coulda gone better. More interested in eating her bib. 
And look- her hair is really starting to lay down! 

And even though we've been doing great at spending a lot of family time together- this is still one of Chase's fav relaxing pastimes. and he even bought an eye thingy. he loves his naps. as do i. 

and i thought it would look cute if capri had some bangs.... but her ends are curling (cross our fingers her hair will continue to be like cousin millie's when she was this age) and it was a hot mess so i resorted to pulling her hair up to fix the dried mess. 
and Capri has been gracing us with a lot of blow outs lately but that's okay bc she has over 60 outfits (and i didn't buy a single one. thank you friends and families and fellow employees) for her 6-9 month stage and I love to try them all out. Even though she isn't as chubby as some, her height makes her wear older clothes!

ok this post ended with capri again. but i shall leave you with her new hobby. singing! because i've been singing to her so much lately, (ciara made me a new playlist that i've been dancing and singing too and also singing helps stall her until her next feeding if she gets hungry early) I SWEAR she is starting to sing. she did this for a good 10 minutes faced away from me. then she finally turned around and wouldn't perform any longer. that cutie patootie! 


Taryn said...

your homemade bread inspires me!
i'm gonna give it a whirl this week!

Mom said...

I love her singing!!!

Rick S said...

love Capri's singing too... hope your memories continue to grow deep! still reflect on our Christmas time in TX with everyone here for Taylor and Taryn's wedding. Miss you all