Thursday, January 9, 2014

my alone time

It's 10 o'clock and it's time for bed! But I..... oh no sounds on the baby monitor.... ok false alarm must have been a bad dream for a second. It kinda makes me wanna check on her. But I'm sure she's fine.
Anywho. Today was a long day but it was full of greatness.
After my morning shift, Chase suggested he take the baby out for a couple hours and I can do whatever I want all by myself. I was tempted to hang out with a friend but I thought- no, I will be alone and do nothing at all!!! It was seriously amazing. I really did a lot of nothing, but just being able to not feel guilty about that or to be wondering if Capri was going to wake up or if she needed a diaper change or what not- Chase had that covered. 
I am more grateful for his gesture than for the actual alone time. Because being with Capri isn't back breaking work, but having Chase do something so nice for me was really sweet. And to have a little alone time, that was nice, too. I haven't had any pointless totally alone time where i could do whatever i want without any pressing agenda in almost four months (over a year if you count my pregnancy too bc technically capri was with me and i was never really my solo normal self). Thanks, Chasey. I really am so grateful and loved my work and nap by my lonesome! in a good way.
So he left and as I was bidding him farewell, I started talking to D (my co-worker that lives upstairs) and she's pregnant and it was really coming down outside so I told her I'd shovel the walks (even though she was on shift.
it's good to do service. and i was pregnant not so long ago and i remember how crazy hard it was for me.) so I was out there not worrying about rushing inside to hear if capri was crying, but just enjoying doing my task. yah funny to revel in shoveling. 
this was the day before. but still. lots of shovelin happening.
and in a skirt no less!
i've never snow shoveled before this job and chase normally does it here, but still. 
i kinda feel hardcore when i clear the walks. 

anywho so i was enjoying my time. then i remembered that i forgot to remind chase to do our half of the lock checks. so i go out there and check the units and take off the overlocks that need to be removed. and then i thought- eh what the heck. i'll enjoy the fresh air and do D's half of the storage unit as well. So I'm checking her locks and her units when WHAM-O i fell HARD in the snow/ice and face planted. it was all kinds of pain. i laid for there for a good five minutes hoping someone would drive in and see me and help me bc i was afraid i broke or cracked something. but then as i started moving my limbs and joints, i realized the fall scared me more than anything and no one was going to come bc it was a blizzard and the roads were barren. so i get up. finish the lock checks. and go tell D that I did her side and what units were moved out and what not. i was really eager to help her bc she's pregnant and bc she has been such an amazing boss, trainer, and friend to me. we love to work together and hang out together. i already love her and admire so much about her. this job is a blessing and she has helped me have a great first impression and feel at home. but when i told her about my fall, i think she felt even more guilty that i went out of my way to serve her. haha but she's prego and if she woulda fallen aka face planted like i did- oh boy that woulda been bad. her hubby will do her lock checks from now on bc she almost ate it yesterday and i def ate it today. 

So i came back in. rested. chit chatted with my mom on the phone. chit chatted with lauryn. and then took a nap. funny though, i kept hearing capri fussing or crying in the next room. it reminded me of when i was in the mtc and i thought my phone was vibrating in my pocket constantly. you get so used to sounds, ring tones, cries, and what not- that you start hallucinating ;)

chase came home and had homework. so caprito and i went to visit the newlywed taryn with zupas to-go while tay worked and us girls had a gay ole time (in the happy reference of course. awk since i started the phrase with "us girls" haha. moving on)! and we got this awesome video of capri rolling over for the first time (well she did it twice before this video but the first day she's rolled over i suppose) without my foot pushing her over!!! her hands are still tucked under her so that helps but this is legit! we videoed it for her daddy! this growing baby! oh i'm a proud mommy.

Well I'm getting sleepy and I promised Chase a 30 minute back massage a couple days ago and he's cashing it in now. Oh wonderful. 
Some last minute pics. 

 Oh can you ever get tired of the thousand pics I post of this cutie? 
Well maybe you do, but I don't :) 

a little proof of her rapid hair growth! 
1 day old. 2 months old. 4 months old. 
(pretty much 4 months on the 20th) 

If you wanna watch the bachelor online but realize that the tv internet sites are charging now- the best deal i could find was buying the whole season 18 bachelor in advance on itunes for $14.99 and watching it that way. That's what me and my clan are doing on tuesday nights! fantastic. and POOR KYLIE for thinking Juan Pablo called her name at the rose ceremony. There's her 15 minutes of fame. Shame. But we all still gawked and laughed I'm sure. 
Ok well i better be a masseuse now so i can go to sleep. Until next time!

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