Friday, January 3, 2014

T&T's wedding!!!

We were so excited to get to spend a week in Texas and relax with my fam! Away from school and work and responsibilities! And to celebrate the wedding of Taylor and Taryn of course!!
 at the airport raring to go!

Capri was an angel on the plane! And a couple in front of us even commented (as we were departing off the plane in Houston), "Wow I didn't even know you had a baby sitting behind us!"
Well thank you! I'll take the credit for her miraculous timing to sleep almost the whole flight. I am the one who woke her up at 5 am for our flight! haha. And she was just as angelic on the flight home.

When we landed we went straight to the temple! We met the fam, left Capri with her Uncle Grant, and entered the House of the Lord!

It was an incredible session and a great experience to see Taryn go through for her endowments! and we had a nice Farrell/Schroedter dinner afterwards. Delicious!
There was an amazing Spirit that was felt that day and their wedding day! I really came to know that T&T were following God's plan by getting married in the right place to the right person by the right authority! I've never seen my brother look so happy and am glad he married his dream girl!
Also, I felt like a lot of past and future relatives were there in spirit and celebrating with us! Taryn's dad passed away a few years ago and I really felt his presence in the temple and out of the temple over those two days! It was powerful! Most of her family couldn't be in the temple with her but I know at least her dad was able to witness that great day!!
We are so happy to welcome Taryn in the family (officially! even though she's been one of us since day one) and so happy that Taylor is so happy!
They honeymooned in South Padre and after perusing their honeymoon pictures, I think I'll fly to Htown, drop the kiddo(s) off with the grandparents [thank you in advance for agreeing], drive down the coast, and have a second honeymoon with Chase in South Padre one day! It looked incredible and decent priced! I'm glad their day went so well and they started their lives off together on such a happy note!
And now for the cute pics!
Taryn looked stunning! Taylor looked studly! And the wedding was a hit!

 The anticipated exit!! They're married!!!!!!!!!!!
The look of pure joy!!!!

The epic first kiss. Not a great angle but I'm sure the real photographer captured it beautifully!

 That's me (wide load but great calves) hugging and kissing the happy couple!

Uncle Tii is married!

 I love this pic of these two brothers hugging!!!

 The new growing Schroedter fam! We love you Taryn and Taylor!

 The bridesmaids jumping. Not an easy task in a dress but we managed! 

 Snagged a pic with the couple!! 

 The Schroedter parents and kids plus the beautiful bride!

This pic is a tradition now. And it's not an easy feat. 
And once again- mother of the year award bc I forgot to tell them to feed my child a certain amount while I was in the sealing. so the beginning pics have Capri screaming in all of them!
 Oh Capri- you brave child for coming down into this family! I love you and i'm doing my best. haha. but really- I love this pic with T&T and the babies!

 Proof of other kids not cooperating. Andrew is a feisty little tike who is all over the place, but he sure is cute!!
For instance, SECONDS before we were heading out the door to leave for the temple that morning, Andrew ran over and fell in the pool. Oh heavens! Good thing he didn't drown! But we were more worried about his dapper outfit being ruined! His clothes tumbled in the dryer lickity split and we were out the door. Oh the memories!

Chase had a good day (mainly bc my sister is the best masseuse he's ever met- according to him.) and I'm okay with that bc I don't want to be giving him hour long massages every day. This is him enjoying his ride to the temple. He started his day off right. Josh wanted to keep his wife's talent a secret, but no go. Chase demanded a massage every day for the rest of the week. Oh boy! 

We ran to Kroger to get T&T car snacks, honeymoon snacks, and car decorations! 
Then it was off to the reception. It was beautifully decorated and a lot of fun!

 These two cousins danced the night away. We look over and thirty minutes later they're still spinning and twirling! 

 Capri was pretty good the whole day. Idk what got into her in this pic- she seemed over it. My brother said "I'm already a bad influence on her." Look closely..... or maybe you shouldn't. hahah she's positioned her hands like that since birth. 

 we loved the prop pic station!

 and Capri was tired of being passed around all day and missing her naps. 
good thing she's sleeping so well while I'm blogging right now.
the whole week she was held by one person or another and she's spoiled now. 
i have my week's work cut out for me to get her back on schedule! 

why did i not get a pic of the couple's first dance or cutting the cake or sparkler exit!? fail! but i saw the pics on other people's phones and cameras and take my word for it, they were cute! esp them kissing on their way to the car with the path of loved ones holding sparklers! amazing end to an amazing day! 

Happy Wedding and Marriage T&T!

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