Friday, February 7, 2014

a good habit

ope chase just pulled up so i better hurry. chase> blog and i need to show that more. laughs. but i'm serious.
so this year i made it a goal to write down my spiritual experiences. i can share some on the blog, but i need them recorded in a more personal manner. so i finally found the journal and started writing! it has been incredible already.
i started the journal hypothesizing how this would benefit me, my life, and those around me. i feel it's true!

yesterday was a good day of spirituality in general, too.
did my writing, reading, pondering, praying.
we had a great family home evening lesson on praying (specifically the benefits of praying as a couple together every night.)
went to a business seminar (residual income sounds nice in theory but idk about it being a reality in our lives right now.)
and then walked around the mall for exercise. i wanted to go to the smith fieldhouse track but chase wanted to walk somewhere more exciting. so the mall it was.
we first stopped and bought chase a wedding ring. his other one was too tight because he's really filled out. pure muscle and attractiveness in my eyes ;) anyways. i'm loving seeing him have a wedding ring again!
so then we were booking it. and it took some serious willpower to not go into stores with sales!
"chase, bogo!?" (i explained to him what bogo was.)
"chase, buy one get a second for 1 cent!"
"oh my pencil skirt just ripped, look at that one."
"what if we go in and i use a gift card?
"that store never does sales! $1 and up!?"
his reply to everything (loudly and a little too energetically), "well we have to get it then! OMG! marissa! what are we doing out here? let's go in!"
and people would stare.....
that's just lovely. sincerity is always appreciated.
then we ran into david and kristy. a little hello was exchanged.
then after some exercising, chase convinced me to spend our coldstone gift card (thanks fultons).... counter productive! classic!

oh, now that chase is home i must tell him about this morning!
this nice man came in and i signed him up and was showing him his unit when clankidy clang.... another unit nearby was propped open with a bicycle wheel and someone or something was in there and i was pooping my pants picturing a serial killer or a massive rat (which i've never seen a rodent here but i'm prepared). and since i was with a new tenant and i didn't want to find something bad and scare away business..... i just scurried off and put it on chase's to-do list to check it out once he got home. charitable.

well i'm on the clock and my husband needs me. aka needs me to hold the baby. love is spoken here :) over and out.

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Taryn said...

hahahha he filled out his old wedding ring? i thought he lost it?