Wednesday, February 12, 2014

a hoot and a holler

i am on a roll with bloggin in february. mother of pearl.
i should be doing the dishes after my masterpiece of an asian meal! the dumplings and fried rice were a success. and now i'm gonna make the PB energy balls! i need a little sweetness snack. but nevertheless i'm blogging as my two babies take naps. i tucked in chase and then put capri down. oh the life of a mother and wife.
anywho. i wanted to blog bc i've had these sheets of paper on my counter and now i'm getting around to it. last friday we had a game night and as always- it was a hoot and a holler!
one of the things that made it so hilarious was the newlywed game. this is the second time i've made up questions and constructed this game for a game night. it's gonna be harder to come up with different q's every time while trying to get personal but not start fights between couples haha. this game is always hard because choosing ONE answer or a favorite or the best or the worst. these are hard things to narrow down sometimes. i'm putting the questions and our answers down (how we matched and differed.) i also skyped my parents the next sunday and they answered these questions! it was fabulous and my parents crack me up! hahaha. grab your spouse and play along!

these are the questions:

The WIFE answers these questions about her husband:
1. In ONE word, describe your first impression/interaction with your spouse.
Chase said: TALL Marissa said: AWKWARD
2. Which parent is your spouse most similar to?
Correct match: Chase is most like his dad
3. What is their favorite song?
Correct match: Chase's favorite song is Wonderwall
4. Are they a morning or night person?
Correct match: Chase is a night person
5. Out of these five options what cliche would they be?
A penny saved is a penny earned
You only live once -Chase said
Learn from your mistakes
Work hard, play hard
Laughter is the best medicine - Marissa thought this was chase's cliche
6. On what date/moment did they fall in love with you?
Correct match: Chase started falling/was intrigued by Marissa from his first sight of her on skype
7. What is their biggest pet peeve?
Marissa said: when it is dead silent and Chase hears someone chewing, smacking their lips, whispering, or causing annoying noises (library, personal scripture study time on the mish, the computer lab) Chase said: the rubbing of styrofoam
8. What is their greatest strength?
Chase said: his humor Marissa said: he is trustworthy/loyal
9. What was the last thing you nagged him about?
Correct match: taking too long of a nap
10. What is their dream car?
Marissa said: two door sports car Chase said: an escalade 

The HUSBAND answers these questions about his wife:
1. What do they worry about most?
Chase said: cleanliness (hahah i love how chase sees me!) 
Marissa said: family member (name withheld on public blog obvy) 
2. What is their biggest fear?
Chase said: spiders
Marissa said: having my husband or children die before me (hahah yes, Chase- i would rather see everyone die than see a spider. hahah i took the question too serious and he was thinking more daily! i do hate hate spiders though. oh freak nasty!) 
3. What was the best day of their life so far?
Chase said: the airport day that he came home from Brazil (i almost said that!!!) 
Marissa said: Capri's birth
4. What is their best body part?
Marissa said: lips
Chase said: ARE YOU KIDDING ME, Marissa? YOU ALWAYS SAY HOW IT'S YOUR BUTT (and he went on and on about my obsession with my own derriere. and then annie and taryn agreed. i felt conceited and dumb. and then my mom AND dad both said- yah marissa you do talk about your butt a lot. well that's just lovely. i need to settle down. and esp with this post pregnancy giving birth butt- it ain't the same. lol) 
5. What is their most prized possession (material/store bought)?
Correct match: Honda car
6. What will your spouse's next boy and girl be named?
Correct girl: PIPER
Chase said: Sawyer for the boy (it's a close second to my answer: Lincoln)
7. What is your spouse's love language? (Service, Gifts, Quality Time, Touch, Words of Affirmation)
Correct match: Quality Time
8. What is their favorite TV show?
Correct match: Gilmore Girls
9. What is a phrase your spouse always says?
Correct match: I'm going to poop my pants (that's another shining answer for me)
10. If you could describe your spouse in one word, what would that word be?
Correct match: BOLD (Chase always says that about me. I kinda get it but am a little sheepish about that answer, too! A bold girl means confidence but it can also mean overbearing. I guess being bold about my butt and bowel movements would be accurate. apparently) 

Anywho- it's always fun to see how well we know each other and how we think differently! We didn't win but I'm not surprised by any of our answers- correct and differing! haha i love my newlwedded husband.
p.s. even though capri was asleep and down for the night during the whole game night- i'm sure she woulda also joined in the laughs!
just like she did today when i got her to laugh for her longest streak yet! and chase was home and we actually go it on video. i love her little laugh so much! and figuring out how to make her laugh!

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