Tuesday, February 11, 2014

food food food

Two fun nights in a row! Last night we had a quadruple date at the rec center. we are all about the pool fun this season! We sure do love kristy & david, jeff & kerri, and taylor & taryn. and of course lil jane who was also there.
yah we ditched our baby aka annie babysat her and took a hilarious pic of her and instagrammed it- so if you follow her... well there you go. thanks astles.

And tonight was of course our bachelor get together. it was at T&T's house this week. i wish we all had the same opinions on the girls and juan but no cigar! it makes for good debates though.
i left my phone at these clown's house for ten minutes and when i (aka chase) went to get it back, they made themselves my wallpaper. they will have cute children..... shifty eyes. haha but really. 

well i have the whole week off from work this week bc i'm working the whole week next week while D goes out of town for her other job! and i've been getting all the little things i've always wanted to get done but never felt motivated enough to do ALL DONE this week :) and i'm back on One Tree Hill. i have a problem- watching series over and over again until they are memorized and the characters become my best friends. hahhaha and i've been resting a lot bc i'm STILL trying to learn how to relax. it's not easy for me. i'd rather have this problem than the problem of being motivated. but neither extreme is good. i'm definitely a red personality and a total type A. & an over analyzing worry wart. that mile a minute typical girl thinking of twenty different tracks that are all going that mile a minute.

on sunday, i was really hit with the spirit of how to prepare my lil family for food storage. if you look around our house, you'd see that there is zilch space for food storage. so i got creative and stored it all under capri's crib. today i went to winco and saved a BUNDLE. i told the guy to tell me when i hit $200. bc with our typical monthly groceries and all the food storage i bought, i was sure i'd hit over $200 (if it was walmart i totally would have. and i'm a team walmart kinda gal. sweat pants, hott mess hair, no make up, husband with the fanny pack, fitting right in at walmart kinda person! but winco has my heart now!) and  the cashier rang me all up and i was way (i mean WAY) under my guesstimate. sooooo i got my food storage up and running. it's probably only 3 months worth but still! my pantries probably have two months worth so that's 5! almost half way! i've always said i would work on my food storage and today i actually did. we have a little more money now with working as storage unit managers and nothing better than showing God that gratitude and following his commandment of having food supply!
what i did for my food storage (and i looked at every label and the minimum is december 2015 and most go to 2016 and 2017 but i'll rotate like a grocery shelf)

  • jugs of drinking water
  • cans (tomato sauce, soups, beans [black, pinto, garbanzo, french green cut], corn, diced chilies, diced tomatoes, pineapple, mandarin oranges, cream of chicken, and other i can't remember- capri is asleep in that crib so this is from memory and the pic. these are all ingredients i use to make solid meals!) 
  • pancake mix
  • flour
  • rice
  • spaghetti
  • baby formula
  • honey
  • tuna
  • canned chicken

and i always keep my pantries pretty stocked (costco size) so i'd say we'd be good and i did my best for a first timer. does anyone have any good staples or suggestions for my supply?
i need more water bc i'm just thinking of all the things we use water for!! but idk where to store it. maybe once we organize our storage unit out back then we'll put water back there and just pick up a jug every time we go to the store. it's an idea.

and all this food organization motivated me to organize my recipes. (and i was also inspired from all the recipes i saw (and snapped pics of) from the andersEn girls' blog of recipes. i've copied them down and they are in my box and i'm ready to try them! i'm not sharing any of them on my blog bc i haven't tried them yet but they have their own blog where you can see them! laura's link and latest post took me to their blog!)
i got a great bridal shower gift from my family bridal shower (shout out to lauryn and jeanna) of family and friend's favorite recipes in a cute little recipe box. i looked at all my recipes (some for the first time since my bridal shower). and i threw out some of the recipes that i had made and they were not pleasant (pinterest fail.) and just became more familiar and got my box lookin' good! and these are the recipes i wanna share (they are some of my favorites- aka healthy choices or not so healthy and just super delicious.) i recommend them all! i have a ton more recipes but i am a little more sheepish to share bc they may not paint me as mrs. healthy smart food choices and/or i haven't made them enough to know they are winner winner chicken dinners.
p.s. obvy i'm not typing up all these recipes so i took pics.
i make these delish schroedter chicken enchiladas with spanish rice (see below.)

thanks to jill for these delicious granola recipes. she inspires me to be healthy! 
and maybe if i get really crazy i'll follow mary with her almond milk ways. i don't even really care for milk- but as the wife of chase... he might freak if i remove milk from our diet....... good thing he rarely ever reads this blog ;) and doesn't know what i'm plotting/considering.

thanks to becca for this delish, easy meal.

ope how'd this pic get in there? haha i have an addiction. to my child. oh my little love bug.
i'm trying to make a face similar to hers so i/others can see our resemblance. i love that capri (i know i know kell- the hair color! kelly- so many references to you in this blog!) looks so much like me. and other people swear she is chase's clone. but i like that i can see myself (and some of him, too)! 

yum. i like to think this is a healthy treat.

chase is a little squirrel with this healthiesh treat. he LOVES it. just storing up his cheeks with these yummy grains! do squirrels eat grains? nuts i know but grains? maybe. 

julie's delicious scone and/or pizza crust recipe. your choice. it makes the best pizza crust

this was a pinterest piece of heaven i discovered. i love crockpot meals. 

aka texas sheet cake

a family favorite over breakfast meals! i always give kell the credit.

yum yum. like the zupas chicken enchilada chili soup. i crumble tortilla chips on top. 

these are heaven of filling protein snacks!

this is what i'm making tomorrow (for the first time) so i cannot be held responsible if you try it and it's disgusting.
i made stuff like this in singapore for young women activities all the time and with my asian friends but this is pinterest and i'm on my own and we all know pinterest is hit or miss. i think it's possible and that's why i'm giving it a shot. it doesn't seem to complicated.  


Taryn said...

wheres my credit for the zupas enchilada soup?!

hahhaha love the picture of us, i also love that it's the cover of your post.
my hair looks bomb

Shelby Alisa said...

One- LOVE Taylors shirt, I have a SAS shirt still but it does NOT fit, lol, it was Shelbs and lets be honest I was always bigger than her to begin with.
Two-Congrats on stocking up on food, my only thoughts on the water situation is dont store it in storage unit if it isnt climate controled (two l's?)
Three-I think Capri looks just like you!

Kerri Andersen said...

that teriyaki chicken recipe is in my crock pot cooking as we speak. I've made it before too and its the easiest go-to recipe!! also....do you want me to write down some healthy recipes that i've used? my motto is: "healthy, fast, and delicious!"