Thursday, February 13, 2014

GAL-entines Day

Today was a celebrating with your gal pal girlfriends kind of a valentine's day!
Lauryn came to visit Capri and I. We chit chatted and went to cafe rio. to say i LOVE her is an understatement. clicking as besties with your family is always a plus.
cousin love
and in honor of the holiday of love. 
thanks for the heads up of an awesome tune laur!
i've been listening to this song on repeat.
why does miley get me hooked on her songs? and appall me with her vids. yikes!
but i still ADORE her in my own way. she makes addicting songs. 
and her vday will suck knowing she lost one of the hottest movie stars known to man.

And then tonight there was a chuck-a-rama galentines dinner, scavenger hunt, classic skating shindig.
chuck always throws awesome parties! even if capri was having melt downs and stranger danger episodes! hello to the five month stage.

Capri and I ready for the party!! you can just tell by her face that she wasn't going to have that great of a time. oh caprito. 

anywho! GALentines day was a success and I can't wait for valentines day with Chase and Capri tomorrow! his card and present is ready to go! from both his valentines ;)
i love this holiday! having a whole day of showing extra dedicated love. bring it!

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Lauryn Koski said...

Love you and that baby! Crap. Now everyone knows I love a song by Miley. My secret is out. I'm over it.