Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Lately, I've been choosing and feeling so happy. There has been a lot that could get me down (doesn't everybody feel that way?) and i've just decided to poop on those thoughts and live in a happy world rather than a negative world.
it doesn't hurt that capri is finally sleeping longer (and adjusted to no longer being straight jacketed swaddled) and she loves her solid food.
also that one of my best friends annie has moved back to utah. positive people are such a treat!
also my work is cracking me up with the crazy tenants and entertaining days. so many nut jobs out there! and i just choose to laugh and find the humor. of course there are beloved, awesome tenants too!
and chase is working so hard, getting awesome grades, keeping his prioritized aligned, and just making me fall in love with him even more!
and obvy (haha) that tonight is bachelor night. hahaha- some chick's status today was accusing all those who love the bachelor of being anti-feminist and what not. ope if that's her theory than hand-raised and guilty over here! oh people that judge!! and yet as i watch the bachelor judgy comments come out of my mouth left and right. classic.
well i need to close the office, make some enchiladas (aka all my calories for the day! these last ten pounds are clinging to me for dear life. wonderful.), and watch bachelor with family and friends.
holla! or as juan pablo would say- hola!!

happy pics of my happy days:
capri (future byu fan despite what her daddy wants) and lil sumo baby (who will also be a byu fan despite what her mommy wants!) 
snap chattin uncle grant all day every day...... during church.... in the chapel. not okay.
capri was terrified and cold swimming at the rec center but i think part of her loved it :) we sure loved watching her swim and loved spending time together as a fam! the next time we went [aka two days later- we're hooked], chase and i got a babysitter for capri and went crazy wild fun-ness on a double date with our crew david and kristy! 
rock climbing competitions. tag. slide races. high dive long jumps. etc. 
zupa date with my downeast girls. 
when capri has feet as big as daddy she will most def be the lonely spinster who can't get a husband! but that doesn't mean she won't try!
superbowl feasting with the utah anderson crew. 

this happy girl has a ripple effect on those around her! 
i also have this adorbs vid on my phone of chase and i singing "a child's prayer" in a duet form but that's just for me. i'm self conscious about my voice :) and chase doesn't know i recorded it :) so you'll just have to imagine the sweet spirit of parents teaching the gospel to their baby through song.

Sydney Smith

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