Friday, February 28, 2014


another week has come and gone. after living at my new place for three months, i finally feel like my life is back to normal.
so that's what this week was. a lot of accomplishments. a lot of stress. a lot of normal. i welcomed it.

happy grandparents with all their grandbabies under one roof!

Capri sporting her fave shirt! Last night she did wake up at 3 am but went right back to sleep with a bottle and slept till morning. That's my party girl!

Died my hair. I wanted to match Capri- even though her hair is lightening every day!

Aunt Ciara has a pattern of taking photos. But she is a beloved aunt. 

 When Capri and I went out and did lock checks today, I thought she just looked so darn cute with her hood!

I don't really have any profound insights that I should share on this blog. But there are some fun weekend plans to look forward to. A full Saturday with Becca- we plan to walk in the sunshine and have a Downton Abbey marathon. Need to get caught up aka want to. And Sunday, I plan to have the best game night ever. We invited so many fun friends and they all said yes! It's going to be a full house and hopefully the babies can sleep through it! Maybe my next post will be on those laughs :)

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