Friday, February 21, 2014


It's been quite the week and of course I have too much to say.
First, a little story about silence.
Yesterday, I had a training for my work where they taught us how to encourage our tenants to get their belongings they are storing insured with our company's insurance provider. it was actually super useful. I was originally going just to be an obedient employee, but i got a lot out of it.
I was also reminded of a funny lesson I was taught as a T^2 missionary. (anybody know how to make the font superscript on a blog?)
At the work training, our instructor was telling us the power of silence.
He said you ask someone moving in: "Will $2,000 of coverage be enough for your belongings?" and then you just be silent. [which is hard for someone like me to do- i prefer to fill the silence and explain myself and my reasoning]
and when he said this i started smiling a little too big i guess bc he asked me what was funny?
i then asked him if he had visited temple square while he was in utah (he was in town for the training from the east coast.)
he said no.
i said "oh, well i was a missionary for the lds church there. have you seen mormon missionaries before walking around or biking around in pairs."
he once again said no..... say WHAT? ever heard of mitt romney? ok i didn't ask him that but still. i know i live where mormons are the norm. but we aren't a mysterious, unknown anymore outside of utah- so i thought. but moving on.
so i just said "well when i was a missionary, they taught us about the "power of the pause" or like you're saying the "power of silence". i used to ask our visitors on temple square, 'if god existed, would you want to know how to speak with him?' and then i'd be silent. or 'how do you think you would be able to find out if joseph smith was a fraud or not?' and then i'd be silent. it takes people off guard that we aren't throwing religion down their throat but being silent and allowing them time to think and respond. just like if we're silent after offering the insurance, it won't seem like we're throwing insurance down our tenant's throat." 
(ha i guess there is a parallel in there. kind of a stretch.)
then our instructor said that mormons are ahead in the field of sales. they know how to be good salesman. i agreed with him (even though agreeing that missionaries are salesmen isn't the most accurate description in my opinion. but still) we know our product is quality!
then we continued on our training and afterwards this girl came up to me and said she knew i had been a missionary because of how frank and comfortable i was bringing up the gospel in a business meeting. idk if the mission taught me that but it was a HIGH compliment :)

missions and missionaries are on my brain recently because i started a novel. about a girl waiting for a missionary. i have had some feedback from chase, my mom, and kelly and i think i'll keep it that way for now. till i am half way done or something.
this afternoon my mom said "do you remember what i told you when you were little and always writing short stories?" and i did. she always said i was going to grow up and write a book someday! well maybe today is that day. i can't believe i'm actually doing it. and thanks to my mom for always succumbing and reading every one of my stories. a good supporter and fan ;) these are the perks of a stay-at-home mom that i look forward to.
but it's scary. it's scary being vulnerable and writing something (even if it is fiction- sorta not really) that is dear to my heart and a little too familiar to my life. if you know me super well and read my novel- you know who i'm talking about when and how i've changed names, dates, and locations some. and hey if you're reading this blog, you might be in my book!

also, this week capri hit her 5 month mark! she's getting cuter every day and i love this stage! infant stage was amazing. but baby stage is more my cup of tea.
also also, i have only been on fbook and instagram once this week (just trying to cut back and not have my phone be my go-to activity when i have down time) and it's been amazing. i've been focusing on my growing little girl rather than my growing newsfeed. i'm glad. i never do well when i delete these apps completely but the moderation plan is going well!
that's how me starting my book got pushed to the foreground. i pushed the tedious time wasting phone to the background.
capri is sleeping right now so don't think i'm ignoring her. hahah i won't ever be able to give up my blog. i could delete other social media, but never my blog ;)

the rest of my week's story in pics! ready go.

i've been exercising at 7 am while chase and capri still sleep. it's before my shift starts and i can do it solo and get some good thinking time in! 
it has helped so much with my recent headaches, too (i've been throwing up lately, too. those two side effects can mean pregnancy for me but i'm sure it's my UC. good heavens! if it was pregnancy, i'd sink into deep depression [i selfishly admit]. it's too soon! tmi). anyways it's surprising that the walks help my headaches because i'm getting less sleep by waking up earlier. but exercisin' does wonders. 
this is my view as i leave my house. can't start your day off much better than embracing the beautiful rocky's and their majesty.

on wednesday night, i had three babies to take care of. call me insane! i told two friends i'd babysit this week and i didn't want to babysit two nights in a row..... so i combined. chase was home, thank goodness! he was on capri duty. and the other two newcomers were all mine! it was adorable to see them all play together. 5 months, 6 months, 10 months!
basically the 10 month old just crowded the immobile girls the whole time. he's a lady's man. and the girls couldn't crawl away if they wanted to! hence:

since i'm working both shifts this week while d is out of town, there have been a lot of units for chase and i to sweep out. we are covering the whole lot and one day had 6 units to clean out. we bundled capri up (it was only 50 degrees anyways) and raced. he took three and i took three. he won. no surprise. and capri wasn't that entertained as you can see.

yesterday we went up to the in-laws to do taxes and ciara was loving the pic opportunity with her nieces and nephew. 
capri just chilling and leaning on aunt cici.

how precious!
p.s. can't wait for our tax return! thank you america!

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