Friday, February 21, 2014

the two year shutterfly scrapbook

i'm making a two year scrapbook via shutterfly for chase and my two year anniversary coming up. yes, i cracked and told chase about it. i seriously have a problem and cannot keep surprises from him!
but, it has been hilarious to go back through pictures and remember all the laughs!
some highlights from the past two years:

byu graduate

my baby shower

finding out capri was a she

being prego with kina. due dates one week apart!

having the quirky taylor back from romania! 

trip to DC with the in-laws

waterfall waterslides!

so many game nights

chase becoming the best dad ever (no sarcasm even if the pic says otherwise!)

these two kids got married. 

telling chase he was gonna be that great daddy

good ole paulo from brazil

taryn leraning that icicles were real and not just in cartoons. once again- no sarcasm.

the worst best roadtrip ever.

learning my mom still had the moves

that time taryn peed her pants bc chase is just so darn funny

mt. timp

millie all day every day

chase and i teaching ourselves tennis the first summer we were married

playing hide and seek with chase. and getting stuck.

reagan's first birthday!


a weird evening with a million birds

that time i gutted a snake

visiting the louds in san fran

sweet husband chase

capri's baby blessing

the best halloween pics i've ever taken. 
worth every tear.
mother of the year.

chase's surprise bday party

time at the cabin. 
l&d time.
byu vs utah football games.

newlywed texts

that time we heard a bear and i hid in the car

good ole polygamist family

the best day of my life to date

that time i was massive. big. huge. looks like i have a refrigerator on my butt (diary of a mad black woman movie quote. i got carried away)

Looking back makes me so grateful! even for my massive moments!!

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Taryn said...

i'm grateful the pee pants made it.