Wednesday, February 5, 2014

these girls and the one boy!

as mentioned in previous post- annie has moved back to utah valley. which called for a great byu roomie reunion today.
i worked in the morning.
then annie came over and we jetted over to becca's where kelly showed up (post tire blown episode. poor dear.)
and so then all was right with the world! it was such a blast and i love these girls. they know me so well and still handle being my friend and showing me amazing love! one of the best things about college for me was becoming a family with these girls for those few years between leaving our parents' nests and finding our husbs! okay this is getting a little too heavy and even i dare say romantic .... i better just show and tell with pics!
I see such joy in this picture! Sums up us and our friendship!
Kelly (the one that lives too far and mother of two) 
Becca (the prego mamma of the boy and fetus girl) 
Me (the mother of the spiky hair baby) 
Annie (the mother of the lay-flat hair baby)
labels are funny. they supposedly mean so much and yet say nothing at all!

and our babies respectively. 
the girls and the boy!
Jimmy is outnumbered :) and with becca's lil girl on the way it's about to get even more overwhelming for him!!
i wonder which of us will announce our pregnancies next :) i'm guessing annie, me, kelly. 
we'll see ;)

and the rest is just pretty much a photo sesh of jody and capri. ready go.

they laid like this observing each other for a while. 
then we disrupted them and made all kinds of noises to get them to both look at the same time!

then jodi got feisty and a lil (too) aggressive with capri! her one month on capri was really showin'!

then capri took a swing

and tried to roll towards jody. she hasn't done back to stomach yet! but soon!

i love how she has capri's shirt in that grip!

then they become friends. look at the casual leaning! love it. adorbs. 

then jody got curious again. and right after this pic yanked capri's hair (not the first time another baby has pulled her hair. i really am good at keeping an eye on Cap)... and capri looked at me with questioning eyes and started balling. it was adorable. funny definitions of adorable i have.

then jody was sorry and gave capri kisses. (notice capri had to have her paci consoling her) and soon enough capri accepted her apologies and was back to bffs!

happy friendships! just like her mamma and her bffs! such a great day! 

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