Saturday, February 15, 2014

valentines day

saw this on my aunt's fbook wall yesterday. 
hilarious and true for those of us with strong stubborn pride!

it's crazy to think back to five years ago to the first valentines day where i knew chase existed. i was living the life studying abroad in paris and on a weekend trip in venice with my girlfriends celebrating carnivale! and now here we are- with a handful of valentines under out belt and life keeps changing.

yesterday, i woke up first and got ready for work. then brought chase in his breakfast in bed and his valentine's card. he left for school and told me when i get off work, me and capri are all his!
we had a blast of a day!

I opened the office and found this sweet gift from D! i'm so blessed to have such a sweet neighbor, co-worker, and friend!

now some vday snapchats from chase and i.... i replied to chase with a zoomed in shot of my lips kissing the screen.... accidentally sent it to taylor and then i noticed. too late. this is awk. and yet i was relieved it went to Tii and not someone else. well just a lil extra happy vday to taylor then.
from chase. 
i replied.
taylor included. 
my apology to Tii:
and he never responded. he's either totally embarrassed or busy with real life and not cyber (p.s. blogger doesn't recognize cyber as a word. there aren't even suggestions or variations offered. am i spelling it wrong?) life. 
knowing taylor it's the latter reason.

after work, we went out to eat at winger's.
with our good friend mr. fanny pack. haha. his dapper outfit matched his fanny pack so he couldn't pass it up. 

she loved valentines day a lot more than galentines day

family shot

true love shot

 when we got home and capri was in her valentine pj's, i asked chase to take some artsy eagle eye shots. fail. 
love handles and stretchmarks are looking good though. 
hence i made these photos smaller.

also when we got home, chase shadily opened the trunk and i didn't know where he was going with this but then i saw my present!!
a shoe rack- necessary for our limited space and my shoe fetish. i've been begging for a while!

chase pulled out some games he made up and they were hilarious.
one of them was a questionnaire that we had to answer. random questions about the other person and some of them were obscure. if we got it wrong we had to pick the consequence out of a bowl (a push up or a kiss. luckily i only had to do a few push ups and happened to pick the kiss card- A LOT. good thing bc man, i'm out of shape.)

the funniest questions:
please guess the greatest age difference gap for chase in a girl he kissed....... 6 years! and that's not so bad except he was 15 years old! a 21 year old woman kissed a 15 year old boy. that chick has issues! i'm not even saying it bc i'm jealous. it's messed up. if chase was 20 and she was 26- nbd. but 15? get it together! get some counseling. hahahaha.
and then chase and i were arguing of what his dad's middle name was. we put $2 million on it (another game we have been playing since chase has come home from his mission- if we are debating a topic- we bet a million and look up the answer!) but i was so confident and wanted to even the score because i've been in the hole for a few months now.  i KNOW chase's dad's middle name is odell. but chase swore that it was just an O. well looks like it's $0-$0 now!! finally. it always feels good to get out of debt.
i asked chase if he knew grant's or caleb's middle names for two of my questions.... nope. he guessed "richard" for all of them. so he now knows garrett's middle name for sure.

and we played other games chase made up too. i love that he made up games as part of my present because he knows my strong love for games! and we ended the night watching stardust- chase loves that film even more than i do!
valentine's day was a success. and even more fun with our little baby.
chase's dad always showers ciara with such love on vday and chase is continuing the tradition with his daughter. presh.

and post valentines day, i got a package from my indi girl mallory. she treats me (and esp capri!) so well. chase and i discuss how sometimes we feel like we are the friends that always invite, plan, or make the effort (i know selfish). well we are two extroverts in one relationship- it's bound to be extra abrasive and overwhelms others with our extroverting. but then there are friendships like mallory that have lasted years and the effort is reciprocated ten fold!

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