Monday, February 17, 2014

weekend of friends

saturday, we were invited over by j&k. the little babies slept and we had a great time. i am now on the hunt to buy "spot it". it's a super simple yet fun game. and i like to find games that chase and i can play just the two of us.
it's just a little math algorithm (that blows my mind even though it's pretty basic) that every card overlaps with one picture. you split the deck up evenly among the players and start with a card up. whoever runs out of a card first (kind of like "speed" the card game but with pictures) wins! it's both adrenaline and fun in a little metal cylinder! it's harder than it looks!
then we also sat around chatting till the late of the night. and chase kept trying to get jeff to wrestle him. but jeff (even the army work-out guru that he is) wouldn't take on chase the giant. so as i was walking to get our things together- chase trips, hooks, and takes me down. and is pinning me in all sorts of weird moves and j&k just watch and realize how weird their friends are and they said they do the same thing- let's hope so otherwise we won't be invited over again. i had to bite chase to get free..... and i honestly had NO idea i bit so hard. i have been apologizing ever since :( wife fail. 

the next day, sunday- we picked up t&t and went to our cousin's baby's blessing. my dad requested i take some good pics of the fam (his side of the fam) but of course i forgot. and i was more worried about my selfie family photos than extended family pics. lovely. but i know meg took pics and will post them on fbook or on her blog for dad to see eventually. it was a beautiful sabbath and time spent with the schroedter fam!
so the pics i did manage to take:
when i ask taylor to take pictures. i esp love chase's face and stance on the right side pics! hahah that stud!

when i ask taryn to take the picture.

when t&t pretend they are capri's parents. 

sunday evening we went to the fulton's for games and dessert. 
i have picked up a new fav game (that i must purchase) once again! PIT. i learned more about the old ways of the stock market from this game than i ever did in my economics class. 

and i've been laughing ever since last night from the comments, blunders, and wise clues of us all and especially clark in the classic game, taboo. i have included the dialogue on this post and finally have new fodder for my taboo page link! 

clark: when you take in yogurt really quickly you get a...
ashley: yeast infection
correct answer: brain freeze (ashley's justification: you eat yogurt to cure yeast infections. hahaha)

ashley: the letter after Q
clark: U
answer: R (trying to get him to guess final correct answer of Rolls-Royce)

the best one of the night (the actions and imagery is what sent us over the edge)
clark: ok. so the children's game is called candy ____.
ashley: land
clark: ok that's the second part of the word. 
         so the first part is like when women do this (pushes his chest together.)
         they have low cut shirts and you see
ashley: bra, nipples, chest,....
clark: ashley!! look at me. you can see my.... the line.
ashley: cleavage
clark: yah! yah!
ashley: cleavage land...... cleveland!!! 
(yes, cleveland was the correct answer. impressive and creative and that's one way to get your partner to guess cleveland.)

ashley: i got a nice (points at her backside)......
clark: biscuit
correct answer: booty
i've heard biscuit as slang for your butt, but just from Mean Girls not from an actual person! hahaha. 

clark: death to the feline
ashley: curiosity (impressed! didn't skip a beat. knew exactly what he was insinuating!)

ashley: if you weren't mormon you would...
clark: drink, bars, strip clubs...... (he gave the list [longer than this but i can't remember exactly what he said] a little too quickly) 
correct answer: napa valley (she was going with the wine theme) 

chase: utah is known for...
marissa: poofie hair
chase: yes, poofie hair is on this taboo card
marissa: oh.... polygamists (correct answer!)

as you can see a&c entertained us most of the night! i need to play taboo more. 

and to end. two cute pics of capri. of course.
capri is obsessed with her tongue lately. 
my theory is that bc she is now eating solid (blended) foods by spoon- she is constantly searching for the goodies! it makes feeding her quite difficult. 

wearing aunt kelly's outfit! merci!
sunday felt like a spring day so she fit right in!

i'm working all week every day all day bc D is out of town. i miss her. but i have tons of strange work experiences to keep me busy. and it's only monday! i swear the last customer (who brought their three friends in with them. and i felt a little overwhelmed and outnumbered) were all sharing some of that magic dragon! they were cracking me up! 

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