Monday, March 31, 2014

ropes course

first...... i must say happy birthday boxing day to my beloved kelly. okay now the real post.

On Saturday, we had quite the day. My wise mother-in-law saw a steal on groupon to go to Park City on behalf of Kina's birthday! Julie treated us all to the Park City ropes course while she watched the grandkid girls back home. Two 6-month olds and a four-year old! Brave, generous woman and i'm glad all went well on her end because we had such a blast on our excursion.
the crew

ready and safe!

first we zip lined over to the 75 foot free fall tower. 
once you zip lined over the ONLY way to get down was jumping. 
so that's what we did. 
i am not scared of heights. i could walk on a ledge. cartwheel on a cliff. look down from a skyscraper. etc. 
but free-falling with that butterfly sinking feeling in your stomach- it FREAKS me out. 
so because i conquered my fears with this high jump- i think i may even be daring enough to try sky diving from 5000 feet this summer. comparable in my mind. 

Chase was a few baby pounds over the limit so he didn't zip or jump the first time. but he could do the obstacle rope course.
but don't you worry- the second time we did the zip line and jump- they switched shifts/ people sending you over and we begged the new guy to let Chase go and he allowed it! but when chase zipped over to the tower the original nay-sayer was there to receive him and said "how did you get over here?" hahaha well.... he had to jump now that he was over there! plan perfected. 
and i jumped before him bc i thought if his line breaks and he dies- i at least want to see him alive as long as possible and get my final view of my living husband. i was feeling morbid.
but alas we all survived and we had an awesome time!!!!!

Ciara jumped first and they actually let Chad push her off the deck. Ciara requested it bc she knew she didn't have the courage to make herself jump off. 
you can imagine the resistance from ciara and chad's all-to-eager-forceful push. there was a bit of a whiplash. luckily she made it safely (if you count swearing like a sailor on her fall down safe.....)

quite concerned about my instructions
this sums it up. excited while faking it. 

we survived!
the kid shot.
then we had an awesome time on the ropes course and obstacling around. 
we first did the "easy" course which i quite enjoyed and if i ever go back i'll stay at that level. 
the advanced course was a bit of a struggle (all the struggling pics come from that course.)
i had the camera so my struggles aren't documented.
and i admit my abs were sore the next day and i still feel it slightly today.

hahaha photobombing. 
the harnesses were very snug. 
as you can see- these pics are of the easier course. 

and the not so easy course. but still such a blast:

i seriously think this is one of my fav anderson fam adventures. you could do everything unlimited from 1-5 pm! Amazing activity. Thank you thank you thank you Julie (and Dave's wallet, too, i suppose ;)!!!!)

it's crazy bc it was only $15/person for all that for four hours. you think of how much you spend money on other things and mundane repetitive activities. this was such a unique, fun, day-filling activity! i'm looking out for this coupon and deal again!! i highly recommend it. reviewed by me: 5 stars. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

the first of many bonfires

I'm still a lil shaken up because I just found a spider on my hand. i was laying in bed and kept feeling something tickling my hand but thought i was imagining things. nevertheless, i finally searched for the hair or piece of thread that was tickling me- a giant spider on my hand. and when i say giant- i am referring to utah giant size. aka the size of a mosquito. but it scared me.

i better get used to spiders (NEVER) because chase has big outdoor plans for us. like the bonfire we had earlier this week.  we had hotdogs, chips, drinks, smores! all in a day's balanced diet!

i stayed until 8 pm (had to put the little one down.) and i stayed for a good three hours. it was a blast! but after i left- i heard some of the crazy stories. wrecks on longboards. the fire department came bc someone reported the bonfire getting out of control. which wasn't true. but they were still commanded to scoop water from the river (with their hands) to the pit till it was completely put out. hahahaha. apparently the park has a curfew of 11. anyways. this group pic i have- add 15 more people and that's what the late night hours looked like.

recreating the pic from last summer with grant at the bonfire

the boyscouts and their fire

got a little baseball and kickball in

oh how'd that pic sneak in their? what a cutie helping mommy at work. 

roasting the mallows. staged. clearly. 
yes my outfit was all over the place. but it wouldn't be my outfit without outrageous colors going on. 

this angel took a little power nap when daddy took her for a walk! it meant i could stay till her bedtime. thanks, chase!

another pic sneaking in? hahahahaha.
i am going to miss grant so much when he leaves for two years on his mish- but i'll esp miss his snapchats. caleb better get an iphone soon so i can be told when my mom is snapchatting in church. in the chapel no less. mom? tsk tsk. 

warming their buns even though it was well above 60 degrees. taryn has the worst circulation i've ever seen. her hands and feet are always cold and purple. and this is chase's friend who looks like the old man from Up. he gets that a lot. you can't tell in this pic- but trust me- it's true. 

taryn snapped the cutest pic of the little one. capri LOVED being in the canyon and being in the great weather! she entertained herself for hours while we played sports. thank you, stork, for sending me the sweetest baby!

action shot of kickball

we hope to have many more bonfires and even go camping [we bought a tent a couple weeks ago]- i haven't been in years (campers and trailers don't count) - so we'll see how i do :) we are welcoming summer and hoping it stays and doesn't look back!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

a talking spaz and work work work!

Capri takes after me in this next video. I love to talk. I'm kind of a spaz. She's learning from the best.

I just love this little girl so much. In the past three days, she has been rolling over to her stomach like crazy. Today, FOUR times, I turned my back and when I looked back she had done it! so I'm happy about that. Because when I go to the doctor next week, I will be able to act like she's been doing it continuously for the past two months and is so advanced. ha!

I want to remember Capri's flushed cheeks- so I snapped a pic of course. This cutie has the most gorgeous cheeks when she wakes up. I don't think it's because she's hot, because she normally just takes naps in her onesie and yet she's sportin' a full-blush look for about 30 minutes after she wakes up!
perhaps all babies do this?

also, capri and i celebrated friday night because my storage auction officially ended! 
we were all giggles and smiles!

it was my first auction by myself and it was three months of paperwork, warnings, and anticipation! It went smoothly and I now can say I have covered all the basics about this job and I am no longer intimidated..... but i'm still learning the random things here and there so that's a little premature. 

i feel so grateful for this living situation and our job. i have a fun time doing it. get to work with an amazing family. it takes so much stress off chase as he goes to school and works. and i am able to feel even more fulfilled and social as a stay-at-home mom. i can never be grateful enough. 

and because i don't feel too stressed with my current job, of course that means i will overstress myself with another. it's just for two months though. i may be overbooking myself but that's not uncommon for me. i agreed to work at byu these next two months, too. (my past student job but as staff. my old boss is having surgery, so they don't want to train someone new just for two months for her operation and recovery.) hence, they are paying me generously and asking me to come back for two months. i couldn't say no or pass up the pay. i am having anxiety about missing capri while i'm at byu, but she won't miss me so that helps my emotions. i've never worked away from her. i'm spoiled and wouldn't be surprised if i cry the first time i leave. she'll be in good hands and i'm grateful for the flexible schedules and family help. aunt ciara for two hours. grandma anderson one day. and daddy for the other two days. it's 20 + hours a week at byu and while i work my storage unit job i luckily get to be with capri as i work. so i'll still be with her more than i won't- but i'm still nervous about it. i'm so lame. even though i'll be working 50+ hours a week- i know i can do it and this is another financial blessing in our life! 

i'm cramming in as much preparation as i can this week- a big grocery shopping trip, freezer meals, visiting teaching done, cleaning, organizing my nights for the next two months, etc!! i start next week, so wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Families are forever. Thank you, Jesus. (literally)

The talented, fabulous, amazing Taryn took our family pictures. I use such lovely adjectives as payment for her great talent. It's wonderful having a photographer in the fam, but I bet T wished her fam was richer so they'd pay better or at all. I'll think of something. Nevertheless, this didn't stop Taryn from taking the cutest family pictures and capturing my happiness in a lens!

the guy who is perfect for me

the baby who taught me even more about love

she's spoiled. she's the first. it's inevitable.

the one for my big picture frame.
she looks like a munchkin from the lollipop league. 

not part of the fam pic day but on taryn's camera and just as cute!

the pic for my other frame. 

the pic for my third and last frame. 
Capri will grow up seeing, knowing, and learning about true love. 

another pic from tar's camera role that i had to share. 
capri in her element.

we are obsessed. 

the Andersons

we live in a beautiful state

her new tricks of grabbing my face and she's learning to kiss!

my two favorite people.

hahahaha this pic doesn't explain her personality but it's still fantastic. 

she makes our family photos so much better!