Monday, March 24, 2014

a talking spaz and work work work!

Capri takes after me in this next video. I love to talk. I'm kind of a spaz. She's learning from the best.

I just love this little girl so much. In the past three days, she has been rolling over to her stomach like crazy. Today, FOUR times, I turned my back and when I looked back she had done it! so I'm happy about that. Because when I go to the doctor next week, I will be able to act like she's been doing it continuously for the past two months and is so advanced. ha!

I want to remember Capri's flushed cheeks- so I snapped a pic of course. This cutie has the most gorgeous cheeks when she wakes up. I don't think it's because she's hot, because she normally just takes naps in her onesie and yet she's sportin' a full-blush look for about 30 minutes after she wakes up!
perhaps all babies do this?

also, capri and i celebrated friday night because my storage auction officially ended! 
we were all giggles and smiles!

it was my first auction by myself and it was three months of paperwork, warnings, and anticipation! It went smoothly and I now can say I have covered all the basics about this job and I am no longer intimidated..... but i'm still learning the random things here and there so that's a little premature. 

i feel so grateful for this living situation and our job. i have a fun time doing it. get to work with an amazing family. it takes so much stress off chase as he goes to school and works. and i am able to feel even more fulfilled and social as a stay-at-home mom. i can never be grateful enough. 

and because i don't feel too stressed with my current job, of course that means i will overstress myself with another. it's just for two months though. i may be overbooking myself but that's not uncommon for me. i agreed to work at byu these next two months, too. (my past student job but as staff. my old boss is having surgery, so they don't want to train someone new just for two months for her operation and recovery.) hence, they are paying me generously and asking me to come back for two months. i couldn't say no or pass up the pay. i am having anxiety about missing capri while i'm at byu, but she won't miss me so that helps my emotions. i've never worked away from her. i'm spoiled and wouldn't be surprised if i cry the first time i leave. she'll be in good hands and i'm grateful for the flexible schedules and family help. aunt ciara for two hours. grandma anderson one day. and daddy for the other two days. it's 20 + hours a week at byu and while i work my storage unit job i luckily get to be with capri as i work. so i'll still be with her more than i won't- but i'm still nervous about it. i'm so lame. even though i'll be working 50+ hours a week- i know i can do it and this is another financial blessing in our life! 

i'm cramming in as much preparation as i can this week- a big grocery shopping trip, freezer meals, visiting teaching done, cleaning, organizing my nights for the next two months, etc!! i start next week, so wish me luck!

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Rick S said...

You're a great young lady Marissa with strong faith and the right attitude on family and God! lya