Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Families are forever. Thank you, Jesus. (literally)

The talented, fabulous, amazing Taryn took our family pictures. I use such lovely adjectives as payment for her great talent. It's wonderful having a photographer in the fam, but I bet T wished her fam was richer so they'd pay better or at all. I'll think of something. Nevertheless, this didn't stop Taryn from taking the cutest family pictures and capturing my happiness in a lens!

the guy who is perfect for me

the baby who taught me even more about love

she's spoiled. she's the first. it's inevitable.

the one for my big picture frame.
she looks like a munchkin from the lollipop league. 

not part of the fam pic day but on taryn's camera and just as cute!

the pic for my other frame. 

the pic for my third and last frame. 
Capri will grow up seeing, knowing, and learning about true love. 

another pic from tar's camera role that i had to share. 
capri in her element.

we are obsessed. 

the Andersons

we live in a beautiful state

her new tricks of grabbing my face and she's learning to kiss!

my two favorite people.

hahahaha this pic doesn't explain her personality but it's still fantastic. 

she makes our family photos so much better!

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Mom said...

Several copies, please!!