Saturday, March 15, 2014

girl's night!

capri and i had our very first girl's night last night. chase went camping in topaz with his cousin and some peeps. i missed him a lot. I'm used to taking care of Capri night and day so that wasn't an issue. The isuse for me was missing my husband to talk to. Some crazy work stories. Some crazy drivers. Some thoughts. And he had no service and I felt lost without our end of the day conversation. I hope I never have to know what that feels like permanently! So what I'm saying is I really missed him. hence.

i worked all day and then in the evening, i went walking with taryn! we walked the circumference of byu campus twice and then some. taylor was TA'ing and so we walked. it felt weird to drive back to campus. even though i live in provo, it feels like a different provo from when i was a student here. i mapped our distance, we walked about 3 miles and it was nice to chat with tar. we became close so quickly with both our boys gone on missions. and since then, we have been gf, fiances, and wives first. so it was nice to talk for a long while. capri and her being actually married has really brought us back together. i'm so blessed with my massive family. blood and in-laws! 

and after our girl's walk, capri and i came home and had some more laughs! 

pardon the high pitched baby talks. but she thinks it's hilarious. and it's a habit.

and she slept so well last night- even though i was freaked by the wind and sleeping alone. i got over it. this is safer than my last house so i can suck it up. i missed chase and knowing that he usually sleeps right next to me. his sheer size brings me security, comfort, and protection! he'll be home in an hour and i can't wait. 

every morning capri just talks to herself for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. ha! i don't get her out till she starts getting fussy. she's just the cutest! and self-entertaining, behaved princess. 

capri is jumping with excitement to see daddy, too. i swear she doesn't live in her jumper. but she's definitely there majority of the time.  
she just woke up from her nap and is singing as she hops. when i went in to get her bottle from her and check to see if she was asleep for her nap- this is how i found her passed out. so cute. she hates the sunlight just like her daddy i suppose. hahaha. 

well it's going to be a great saturday! chase is almost home. i have the day off work. he has the day off work. let the good times roll in!

p.s. capri and i are jamming to hunter hayes! i'm memorizing all his songs rather than the three i knew bc chase is taking me to his concert at uvu on april 24th! hunter hayes cries with me and let's me know i'm wanted!

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Kina Lambert-Anderson said...

Okay, I officially feel awful. Chad told me he thought you'd be alone that night, and I told him he was crazy and that I knew you'd have one of your k'zillion friends over. I'm so sorry - I'll never assume again. I would have loved to come and bum with you. Plus, I still need to come and see your cute place!