Tuesday, March 4, 2014

grandpa hanks

last night, we had a really great fhe with cody. we did the structural prayer, singing, lesson, shared scriptures, had dinner, and then headed off to salem.

chase and his grandpa have a very close relationship.we know he's still living even though he passed away five years ago. I always think how Capri was the last to chit chat with him.
I knew Chase (but we hadn't met in person) when his grandpa died and we texted about the struggle and how much he missed his grandpa. We met in person three months after his grandpa's passing. I really wish I could have met Grandpa Hanks in person. He seemed like a fireball from the stories!

some of my favorite stories chase has told me:
*tricking him into going on tower of terror more than once
*cleaning up all his messes- the not so fun part of your grandparents living with you but they make for some hilarious stories. the older generation can be so ornery, racist, but super loving!
*chase having to sleep at the foot of his bed to make sure he didn't try to run off at night
*hearing about how sometimes chase would wake him up before the sun would rise in a panic and tell him he's late for work. grandpa hanks would put his work boots on and head out to his truck and then tussle and fight with chase when chase told him he was joking and try to get him back to bed. because he's retired now! remember?
*giving him warheads and telling him it was his medicine
*the public outburst in his jazzy
*drinking pepsi's with him all growing up
*sitting on the back porch looking at the deer

as you can see there was a lot of teasing! maybe some inappropriate cussing and social protocol broken, but there was so much love. so much care taking. and an amazing family united under one roof. i feel like i know him even though i never met him. chase misses him a lot and i can say i do as well.

I asked Chase if he wanted to bring flowers. He said no. He would rather bring a pepsi. When he opens a can of pepsi, he instantly is reminded of his grandpa. We left it at his grave. Maybe that's littering. But I'm okay with that. 

And for just some other pics to bring you good spirits as well:
hahahah i love grant's snapchats! 
thank heavens i took a pic of this in time, with one second left! keeper!
my poor mother. she has the most pestering children. 

perfect score on quizup! 
it was a big moment!
never happened before.
the topic was gilmore girls. of course.

on the way home from salem last night, cody snapped this picture of capri.
i've never taken a picture of her with the flash. and for good reason.
hahahahaha. blinded!

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Kina Lambert-Anderson said...

Good 'ole Grandpa Hanks. I miss him too. You two would have been kindred spirits! If we would of had a boy, we were considering naming him Connor Brice. It'd make for a cute name for Anderson Baby # 2 for you and Chase! :)