Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Six months!

Tomorrow, THIS LITTLE GIRL is six months! 

The time has zoooooomed by! I am loving this stage and all her little tricks. I don't normally do the bullet point of her talents and likes, because I already give you TMI about her life- but hey why not! It's her half birthday eve!

  • I sometimes refer to her as a limp noodle, because she doesn't love to roll over from front to back or back to front (even though she can and does it sporadically). She doesn't love to put pressure on her legs and stand- even though once again she can. i lock her knees now or rest her against the couch and that is working her standing skills. she has come to just do tummy time and not even try to roll over for fifteen to twenty minutes. she's in no hurry. she must be stubborn like both her mommy and daddy. heaven help her!
  • She is a jumping machine. She spends (no exaggeration) 3-4 hours (off and on) in her bouncer a day. 
  • She eats rice cereal in the mornings, home-pureed fruits and vegetables for lunch and then for dinner, and another dose of rice cereal right before bed. Idk  if that's what you're supposed to do but it's what we do. Her favorites are bananas, spinach, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. Her least favorite is carrots- go figure. And the others she eats at a normal liking. But i won't be surprised if she hasn't gained enough weight for her percentile bc of previous bullet point. 
  • She still drinks 4-7 ounces of milk every two hours and is the slowest drinker known to mankind. 
  • She can hold her own bottle, but I still put a blanket under her bottle in case my doorbell rings or the work phone rings and i have to jet away for a few minutes. 
  • She loves to grab your face
  • Her hair is somewhat laying down. I have to comb it down and constantly pat it down through the drying process. And if i put her hair in pigtails and let them out- there is not taming it until she takes a bath again. 
  • She is a happy happy baby and I feel comfortable toting her along in public whether she needs a nap or not bc she's so curious about new faces and places that she'll be entertained for hours. 
  • She always wakes up talking and giggling and singing- she either has lots of imaginary friends or heavenly friends that are visiting her every morning or she's dreaming with her eyes open.
  • I still have to use a baby monitor constantly bc her cry is so soft that i can't hear her when i'm sleeping in the morning. 
  • She loves to sing and be sung to.
  • She loves to eat books and read books with mommy and/or daddy. She must be chewing on a book or she will fuss as she tries to grab the one you're reading. So now i automatically grab Alice in Wonderland (sorry, Alice. I always thought you were boring) and put it in her hands so she can suck on it before I read her whatever book I choose. 
  • The second you lay her down to change her diaper, she flips over and tries to grab the dresser, the wipes, or anything nearby. 
  • I can almost always get her to laugh. 
i.e. in the middle of chili's. 
it was 3:30 and dead so no one was bothered!
  • She still has no eye color. I'm pretty sure they'll be brown but I can't guarantee it because they are a grey of nothing. 
  • She loves to clap her feet
  • She hates Whitney Houston's, "I will Always Love You"

  • She can sit up if I spread her legs into a split type position and only for about a minute before she's reaching and toppling over
  • She still doesn't love her carseat but she tolerates it. However, if you put her in her carseat in the dark backseat at nighttime- all hell breaks loose. 
  • She loves peek-a-boo
  • She loves the bath

  • She always stares at Chase bc she takes me for granted, but nevertheless she's a daddy's girl. 
  • She sleeps through the night (11-13 hours) and is a napping champion. 
  • She is such a ray of sunshine in our home and Chase and I are so blessed to have sweet little Capri in our family forever. We love you, Capri Michele! 

You see why I don't do bullet points? You probably knew half of those things and TMI. But I'll enjoy it for her future or when I have another six month old and can see a different personality! Let's not get ahead of myself though- little Capri completes our family as of now in the physical world (i've been watching way too much Long Island Medium. p.s. if chase or capri die before me- i'm flying to NY and getting her to read and channel my loved ones.)

 Anyways! And the last bullet point

  • Capri has shown me how far I've come in six months! I may still have the stretchmarks, no longer have the chest, and have a stretched out dress now- but I'll take it!
    Thank you for giving me my body back, Capri! I feel like myself (emotionally, physically, sleep departmentally, etc.) and then some. my old self + a mother!
    I was just thinking earlier today how a year ago I was just starting this journey! I am grateful for my craziest year yet and all the ways capri, chase, and i have grown!

Here's to the next six months! 

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