Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Break

This week was Chase's spring break. So we've been having fun. Pic and video overload. 

We went on a great date on Monday. 
It was the first time in forever that both of us had the whole day off!
The okay picture that Julie took- less handsy than the other one. That's Chase for you. We are so grateful for family around and for Julie always willing to babysit Capri. 

capri made a nice card for grandma and grandpa for all their love, gifts, and babysitting. 
she loved putting on lipstick and eating/kissing the card. i hope my lipstick is okay for her to eat because she licked it all off within minutes. 

So for our date Monday: we went to the zoo and then to Cheese Cake Factory.
The only pic I have of the zoo. Ha!

After our full & satisfied stomachs, we went to temple square. 
Serving as a missionary there. Married and sealed there. 
I love it there. esp with Chase. 

Capri is sporting some wild hair today! What else is new? 
She's such a good little girl and never squirms or seems to mind when I do her hair. Lucky. 

babysat jimmy this week. he is the most well-behaved, silent child ever.  
he and capri kept each other entertained for hours. 

it's winter. chase loved this outfit. i kept her inside while wearing this. 
we had to document his girl in her overalls. 

went to an old friend's wedding. mini singapore reunion. 

today is shelby's birthday. so we sent her this gem on her fbook wall bright and early. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sis! xoxo
p.s. capri is officially sleeping through the night! three nights in a row. aka 11-13 hours. thank you "overnite" diapers!!!

I love being a full-time mom and i love watching her grow up every day! I can't believe she's almost six months old. 
Seeing her kick and smile when I get her from a nap or in the morning, that's my favorite part of the day. 

And sometimes I have a bad mother of the year moment. Remember back to the pumpkin photos. The other day chase was singing and when he started singing this song- capri started wailing. now we do it way too much and have shown way too many people. 

well it's been a good day. i'm almost done working (aka i have to close the office in six minutes). capri is napping. and i'm reflecting on how i went to the oquirrh mountain temple with chase and taryn this morning. thanks julie again for babysitting capri. i was able to write down a lot of personal spiritual moments this afternoon from being in the temple. 
well four minutes left now. better go close shop. adios! 

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