Friday, March 28, 2014

the first of many bonfires

I'm still a lil shaken up because I just found a spider on my hand. i was laying in bed and kept feeling something tickling my hand but thought i was imagining things. nevertheless, i finally searched for the hair or piece of thread that was tickling me- a giant spider on my hand. and when i say giant- i am referring to utah giant size. aka the size of a mosquito. but it scared me.

i better get used to spiders (NEVER) because chase has big outdoor plans for us. like the bonfire we had earlier this week.  we had hotdogs, chips, drinks, smores! all in a day's balanced diet!

i stayed until 8 pm (had to put the little one down.) and i stayed for a good three hours. it was a blast! but after i left- i heard some of the crazy stories. wrecks on longboards. the fire department came bc someone reported the bonfire getting out of control. which wasn't true. but they were still commanded to scoop water from the river (with their hands) to the pit till it was completely put out. hahahaha. apparently the park has a curfew of 11. anyways. this group pic i have- add 15 more people and that's what the late night hours looked like.

recreating the pic from last summer with grant at the bonfire

the boyscouts and their fire

got a little baseball and kickball in

oh how'd that pic sneak in their? what a cutie helping mommy at work. 

roasting the mallows. staged. clearly. 
yes my outfit was all over the place. but it wouldn't be my outfit without outrageous colors going on. 

this angel took a little power nap when daddy took her for a walk! it meant i could stay till her bedtime. thanks, chase!

another pic sneaking in? hahahahaha.
i am going to miss grant so much when he leaves for two years on his mish- but i'll esp miss his snapchats. caleb better get an iphone soon so i can be told when my mom is snapchatting in church. in the chapel no less. mom? tsk tsk. 

warming their buns even though it was well above 60 degrees. taryn has the worst circulation i've ever seen. her hands and feet are always cold and purple. and this is chase's friend who looks like the old man from Up. he gets that a lot. you can't tell in this pic- but trust me- it's true. 

taryn snapped the cutest pic of the little one. capri LOVED being in the canyon and being in the great weather! she entertained herself for hours while we played sports. thank you, stork, for sending me the sweetest baby!

action shot of kickball

we hope to have many more bonfires and even go camping [we bought a tent a couple weeks ago]- i haven't been in years (campers and trailers don't count) - so we'll see how i do :) we are welcoming summer and hoping it stays and doesn't look back!!!

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